Egypt and Tanzania show rapid growth
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31.05.2024 Egypt   19
Egypt and Tanzania show rapid growth

The World Economic Forum (WEF) reports that Albania, Tanzania, Indonesia and Egypt are among the countries with the best tourism and travel development capabilities.

In its Travel and Tourism Development Index 2024, published every two years, the WEF analyzed the competitiveness of the tourism economy in worldwide.

These countries showed the greatest improvements in five areas:

Enabling environment – ​​general business environment, safety and security, health and hygiene, human resources and ICT readiness.

Travel and tourism policies and enabling environment. Favorable conditions for tourism to flourish, as well as the extent to which the country prioritizes travel and tourism, its openness to travel and tourism, and price competitiveness.

Infrastructure and services - Air transport development and infrastructure, as well as land and port infrastructure and tourism services.

Resources for travel and tourism - availability of natural, cultural and non-recreational resources.

Sustainability of travel and tourism - efforts on the conservation and sustainability of each country's tourism products.

Tanzania moved up eight places in the index, from 88 to 81. The improvement in the score is due to sustainable tourism in Tanzania, where income from travel and tourism are the main source of funding for the conservation of the country's landscapes and wildlife. Tanzania set a new record for tourist arrivals in 2023, reaching 1.8 million visitors.

Egypt rose from 66 to 61 in the index. The country plans to double the flow of tourists by 2028. 14,000 hotel rooms were added in 2023, and a further 25,000 rooms are planned to be added this year.

Albania moved up 12 positions in the index, from 78 to 66. Tourism development in Albania is now at the level of the world average. This improvement is likely due to Albania's 141% increase in daily air traffic since 2019.

Indonesia also saw an impressive rise in the index, rising to 22nd place, jumping 14 places. Last year, the Indonesian government created the Karisma Event Nusantara program to support music, sports and cultural events across the country. The country has also made efforts to develop medical tourism and improve the location of its hotels and golf courses.


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