Tourism experts warn against Paris during Olympics
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Tourism experts warn against Paris during Olympics

Travelers looking to enjoy a holiday in Paris this coming summer are advised by experts to reconsider their decision.

“June, July and the first two weeks of August may not be the best time to visit Paris by tourists who do not plan to attend the Olympic Games. The city will be more crowded than usual and full of sports fans,” said travel, tourism and hospitality expert Behar Sadiku.

Due to high demand, the cost of travel to Paris will also be higher. this will lead to an increase in the cost of air tickets to the French capital. Accommodation will be similarly affected.

Famous Parisian landmarks are being transformed into sports arenas for Olympic events, and travelers who do not have tickets to the games may not be able to visit the sites, Schengen News reports. Some famous tourist sites that will be closed include:

Place de la Concorde

The town square will host an installation for skateboarding, BMX, 3x3 basketball and break events. The square will remain closed to tourists throughout June.

Champs de Mars

The public park where the Eiffel Tower is located will be almost completely closed from June 3 to September 19. This area will be used for judo and wrestling competitions.

Trocadero Square and Trocadero Gardens.

These areas will be used to host the Champions Park, where athletes the winners will interact with fans every afternoon. The gardens offer one of the best viewing platforms for admiring the Eiffel Tower. The Trocadéro Gardens and Trocadéro Square will be closed to the public from July 1 and July 16 respectively. The square will open on July 27, and the gardens on September 19.

Pont d'Iena and Pont Alexandre III.

Two bridges, Pont d'Iena and Pont Alexandre III will be closed to vehicles from July 16 and May 17, respectively. The Pont Alexandre III will be the starting line for the 10 km open water race, as well as cycling and triathlon competitions. The Jena Bridge will be used as the final stage of the road cycling competition.


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