MSC introduces biometrics
20.05.2024 Cruises   33
MSC introduces biometrics

MSC Cruises will begin using biometrics in its mobile app and MSC for Me website to improve safety and efficiency.

Neurotechnology is the company behind MSC's biometric solution, which will be integrated into the platforms cruise lines. The facial verification system will capture photos of guests and securely store them in MSC's onboard systems, serving as reference information throughout the cruise. It is also expected to significantly improve pre-cruise check-in and boarding processes.

Passengers can capture their own facial images using their mobile device or webcam. The system ensures that these images are taken correctly, without any obstructions such as hats or sunglasses. MSC Cruises officers will then use the images to verify identity.

“This new feature, built into our digital channels, further enhances the experience for our guests, providing an even smoother and faster boarding process,” said Luca Pronzati, MSC Chief Digital Officer.


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