Acropolis to offer private 'elite' tours
Acropolis to offer private 'elite' tours

The Ministry of Culture of Greece announced plans to launch private group tours of the Acropolis at a high price and is now receiving backlash over its exclusive prices.

“It’s just elitist,” Costas Zambas, a civil engineering consultant who has led restoration work at Acropolis.

Group tours costing €5,000 are for groups of up to five people and provide access to the site from 07:00 to 09:00 and from 20:00 to 22:00.

The proposed measure, part of a review of ticketing policies for more than 350 historical sites and museums run by the Ministry of Culture, has travelers worried , guides and historians.

The tour guides described these tours as highly exclusive and contrary to the value of the archaeological site as a symbol of democracy.

“This shows that Greece is ready to give people who have money the opportunity to enjoy the Acropolis in an exclusive way, leaving out those who simply do not have such means. We are categorically against this,” Despina Koutsumba, vice-president of the Association of Archaeologists of Greece, told The Guardian.

Previously, only world leaders, members of the royal family and certain celebrities had access to the site outside working hours. In addition, the public, with the exception of scientists and conservationists, has one day a year - the August full moon - to enjoy the temples at night.

The previous head of the Panhellenic Federation of Tourist Guides, Krito Piperas, noted that tours will open from 08:00 to 09:00. Piperas noted that reducing operating hours would increase congestion because the same number of visitors would have to be accommodated in less time. The decision also contradicts recommendations to open early and discourage midday visits due to health risks associated with high temperatures in the region.


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