Family travel is popular in 2024
Statistics and data
14.05.2024 Brazil Gramado   9
Family travel is popular in 2024 has released a report on family travel trends for the 2024 Nordic summer season, which shows the rise in popularity of family holidays around the world.

Searches for family accommodation are reported to have increased over the past year increased by 8%. Half of all these families worldwide indicated that value for money was the main motivator when choosing a destination.

Other motivators included the desire to travel to places featured in a TV show or movie, with 55% of families follow this trend. Comfort was also an important decision factor, with 74% of households citing air conditioning as the most important amenity when booking a place to stay.

In January and February 2024, the study included 32,300 respondents from more than 32 countries The top ten destinations in the world that are seeing the greatest growth in family travel include:

Durres, Albania

Tangier, Morocco

Marrakesh, Morocco

Destin, Florida, USA

Seville, Spain

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Tokyo, Japan

Gramado, Brazil

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Madrid, Spain


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