Nepal: Everest climbing season begins; China reopens Tibet route
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Nepal: Everest climbing season begins; China reopens Tibet route

According to the latest developments, a team of ten Nepalese climbers has achieved a remarkable feat by reaching the summit of Everest from the south. This is a monumental achievement that not only marks the first summit of the season, but also paves the way for many other climbers who dream of conquering the world's highest peak.

Traditionally, the first ascent of Everest is undertaken every year by a team from one of the famous Nepalese expedition organizing companies, which has the critical responsibility of preparing the route for paying clients who will follow in their footsteps.

Chang Dawa Sherpa of Seven Summit Treks, the lead organizer of the expedition, confirmed the triumphant moment, saying: “According to reports, the rope team reached the summit this evening.” An official statement from Nepal's tourism department, based at Everest Base Camp, said the exact time the team reached the summit was 8:15 pm.

Anticipation builds in the mountaineering community: Kim Lal Gautam, Chief base camp field office, notes: "Other teams are already moving...many are in Camp 2 to catch the first window." The promising weather forecast gives hope: favorable climate is expected until May 14, increasing the likelihood of witnessing an impressive number of summits - more than a hundred during this period.

For the current spring climbing season, Nepal has issued a total of 414 permits for climbers, covering the period from April to early June. With each climber usually accompanied by a Nepalese guide, more than 800 climbers are likely to make the arduous trek to Everest's 8,849 m (29,032 ft) summit in the coming weeks.

The Tibet route will reopen this year for foreigners in China after its closure in 2020 due to the pandemic adds another dimension to the climbing landscape. Social media posts from expedition organizers confirm the opening of the northern route to the summit on Monday, expanding options for climbers seeking alternative routes to the iconic peak.

The appeal of Nepal as a leading destination for mountaineering is also due to its status as home to eight of the ten highest peaks in the world. Every year during the spring season, the country welcomes many adventurers, lured by the favorable temperatures and relatively calm winds, ideal for climbing to the summit.

However, despite the charm and triumph of Everest, huge problems always remain there. Last year's season, despite more than 600 successful ascents, was marred by tragedy, marking the deadliest season on record with 18 deaths. A surge in the number of climbers over the years has turned mountaineering into a lucrative industry, thanks in part to the legacy of Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, who first climbed Everest in 1953.

Source: timesofindia

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