Landing on the world's scariest runway
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Landing on the world's scariest runway

Traveling through various modes of transport is a common choice for people around the world, with air travel being one of the most preferred options. The main appeal of air travel is its ability to travel vast distances in relatively short periods of time. Almost every major city has an airport, serving as a gateway to domestic and international destinations. While many airports boast grandeur and luxury, some stand out for their unique location and compact size.

In tranquil surroundings Saba, Caribbean Netherlands, is home to Juancho E. Irausquin Airport, the smallest commercial airport in the world. Arriving in Saba requires nerves of steel. This small Caribbean island, with its steep slopes and coastal cliffs, offers minimal space for aircraft to land. However, the Juancho E. Irausquin Airport, located on Saba's only stretch of flat terrain, defies all odds, demonstrating that a safe landing is indeed achievable.

The Juancho E. Irausquin Airport, stretching for just 1,300 ft. and operated at just 900 ft., is an engineering marvel located on an exceptionally small island. Its runway, often compared to an aircraft carrier, is the shortest commercial runway in the world. Despite its size, the airport plays a crucial role in the lives of Saba's residents, serving as a vital tourism hub and an important access point during medical emergencies.

However, landing at Juancho E Irausquin is no easy task due to its compact size and high height. Pilots receive specialized training to navigate the runway safely, highlighting the unique challenges and importance of the airport in the region.

At each end, sheer cliffs plunge into the ocean adding to the thrill of landing.< /p>

The famous airstrip has even earned a place on Saba postage stamps, and gift shops in Windwardside sell T-shirts proudly proclaiming, “I survived the landing on Saba!”

Although alternative modes of transport such as ferries do exist, the airport's inclusion on lists of the "world's worst landings" often generates enough curiosity to warrant the desire of adventurers to experience it for themselves.

Source: timesofindia

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