A 300-year-old underwater city has resurfaced due to extreme heat in the Philippines.
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08.05.2024 Philippines   28
A 300-year-old underwater city has resurfaced due to extreme heat in the Philippines.

According to the latest data, the remains of an almost 300-year-old city have reappeared in Philippines. Reports add that this was due to scorching temperatures in the region, which led to the partial drying up of a major dam.

According to records, the town of Pantabangan, which was flooded in the 1970s to build a reservoir, is coming out from water on extremely rare occasions when weather conditions become exceptionally dry and hot. This recent event comes after temperatures in various regions soared.

According to Marlon Paladin, an engineer with the government agency that oversees the nation's dams, this is the longest period the city has remained visible above water since the dam was built.

Reports also added that the extreme heat has disrupted the daily lives of millions of people, leading to school closures and recommendations for office workers to start working from home. A spokesman for the state weather bureau, Pagasa, forecast a potential rise in temperatures in the coming days, attributing the trend to the overall impact of climate change, which has led to rising temperatures in the Philippines.

The country is currently facing a warm and dry season, aggravated by El Niño, which is also characterized by anomalous warming of surface waters of the Pacific Ocean. The eastern coast of the Philippines, which is an archipelago, is particularly susceptible to these phenomena. As one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, the Philippines faces the risk of severe weather events such as Super Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, which caused unprecedented destruction.

Significant declines in dam levels have also been reported, including in Pantabangan and other regions, with the water level falling by almost 50 m from the usual high mark of 221 m. According to reports, the appearance of the ruins began in March, when the region received minimal rainfall, which attracted tourists to a city located approximately 202 km (125 miles) north of the capital Manila.

Besides the Philippines, many other countries such as Bangladesh, Thailand and Myanmar report about a sharp increase in temperature, while in some places the temperature exceeded 45°C, thereby exacerbating already difficult conditions.

Source: timesofindia

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