The idea of ​​creating a pan-African airline has been revived
22.04.2024 Africa   30
The idea of ​​creating a pan-African airline has been revived

A report from Kenyan online business news service said talks have resumed between Kenya Airways and South Africa Airways to form a pan-African aviation group following the breakdown of an agreement with the Takatso consortium, which was to recapitalize SAA for a 51% stake in the airline.

The article says that Kenya Airways executives came to South Africa in March at the invitation of SAA, to chart a new course and set a new timeline for the formation of the long-awaited pan-African airline group.

The news service quotes an unnamed Kenya Airways spokesman as saying: “We went to South Africa to chart a new path after Takatso's departure. We are starting negotiations anew.”

The proposed pan-African airline group came into being in November 2021 as a joint initiative between Kenya Airways and SAA.

The two carriers began taking steps towards creating strategic alliance, and later expressed a desire to eventually bring together other African carriers to create a pan-African airline group and expand its scope. The partnership aimed to leverage assets, combine buying power and create a strong air transport capability in Africa using at least two attractive hubs - Johannesburg and Nairobi.

But plans were shelved in July 2023 as S.A.A. was expecting a capital injection from the Takatso consortium, and Kenya Airways was undergoing a restructuring. The East African carrier subsequently received government assistance allowing it to restructure and service its debts while it seeks an investor to buy up to 49% of the airline.


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