Free accommodation in Rhodes for evacuees in 2023
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04.04.2024 Greece Rhodes   36
Free accommodation in Rhodes for evacuees in 2023

The Ministry of Tourism Greece is offering free hotel accommodation in 2024 to tourists evacuated from Rhodes during the forest fires last July.

Holidaymakers of all nationalities are encouraged to apply to participate in the Rhodes Week initiative by registering on the program website as a beneficiary and submitting an application. This can be done individually, through a travel agent or tour operator.

The ministry explained: “The information provided in their electronic application will be checked for accuracy and reliability by the evacuated hotels and any tour operators specified in their application.” .

Beneficiaries will be provided with a seven-night stay at a hotel of a similar rating and room type comparable to their original 2023 booking. The initiative is designed for two periods - one in the spring, from April 10 to May 31, and the other in the fall of the country, from October 1 to November 15.

The free stay is not transferable and does not apply for visitors who stayed in Airbnb or other rental accommodation.


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