Schiphol tests driverless buses
03.04.2024 Netherlands Shiphall   12
Schiphol tests driverless buses

Royal Schiphol Group, the parent company of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, intends to trial electric autonomous buses on the airside to improve the sustainability of ground handling operations.

Two autonomous shuttles created by Ohmio, a developer of autonomous vehicles, were programmed to follow a fixed route and stop at airside cleaning and ground handling companies to transport employees to different locations on the apron. They are capable of carrying eight people at a time.

Schiphol is studying the experience of using unmanned shuttles by ground service employees. Of employees who have used shuttles before, 89% said they would use them again. Initial results indicate that the transport service is considered safe, and many employees have had positive experiences.

Testing the technology and exploring the possibility of expanding the fleet of autonomous shuttles will continue until the end of April.

Royal Schiphol Group expects that all of its ground vehicles will be replaced by zero-emission autonomous vehicles by 2050.


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