The most underrated and overrated tourist sites in the world
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The most underrated and overrated tourist sites in the world

Booking site Wingie recently compiled a list of the world's most overrated and underrated tourist attractions based on TripAdvisor review data.

Overrated attractions are those with a lot of reviews and a lot of negative keywords. The UK topped the list of overrated attractions, with Warwick Castle taking the top spot. The centuries-old castle has received more than 1,000 reviews, calling it "disappointing," "expensive" and "not worth it."

The second most overrated attraction on the list was Kampong Phluk in Cambodia. A floating village in Siem Reap has been rated as a "scam", as well as "expensive" and "not worth it".

Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, took third place, being called "expensive" and "not worth it" more than 1,000 times.

On the other hand On the other hand, the list of underrated world gems includes attractions with fewer reviews and more compliments.

The Jamaican gallery and garden Ahhh Ras Natango in Montego Bay takes first place. The garden has terraces carved into the hillside, overlooking Montego Bay, located 610 meters above sea level. It has been described as "spectacular", "amazing" and a "must see".

Irish National Stud and Gardens in County Kildare comes second on the list, receiving words such as "interesting" , “excellent”, “friendly” and “beautiful”.

The third most underrated attraction is Al Noor Island in Sharjah in the UAE. With an average ratio of one compliment per review, the island is considered "amazing" and "beautiful", with friendly staff.

On the African continent, Kenya's Kiambetu Tea Farm ranks seventh on the list of underrated attractions. The farm was built in 1910 and is located near the center of Nairobi.


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