Hong Kong travel warning issued for tourists
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03.04.2024 Hong Kong Hong Kong   6
Hong Kong travel warning issued for tourists

Hong Kong implemented the controversial Article 23: National Security Protection Ordinance, which led the UK, Australia and Taiwan to issue special travel warnings administrative region.

The law targets crimes such as treason, sedition, illegal disclosure of state secrets and external interference jeopardizing national security. It was proposed in 2003 and shelved due to widespread protests. The law was passed on March 23 after unanimous approval.

The UK expressed concern about the law's ambiguity, warning travelers that "the law may be interpreted widely and some offenses may carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment "

Taiwan's government warned residents to check whether they had made any statements critical of Chinese authorities and said the law's definition of illegal activity was "very vague."

“You can break the law without even meaning to,” says an Australian guidebook. “The Australian Government cannot interfere with the Hong Kong judicial process.”

The Hong Kong Government condemned the recommendations, calling them “distorting facts, inciting and spreading panic.”

Source: travelnews.co.za

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