A leopard entered a house in Delhi and attacked three people.
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03.04.2024 India Deli   9
A leopard entered a house in Delhi and attacked three people.

Police reported a strange incident that occurred this morning in Roop Nagar in northern Delhi. According to media reports, the leopard entered a residential building, injuring three people.

Reports add that authorities responded quickly to the situation, coordinating efforts with fire officials to contain the animal. indoors, ensuring the safety of family members present. The injured were quickly rescued and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Manoj Meena, a seven-member complex team from the Forest Department was dispatched to the spot. , firefighters and local law enforcement to effectively handle the situation. Meena also confirmed that the leopard was contained in the room, stressing that the rescue operation was ongoing.

Events began to unfold at around 6:15 am when the Police Control Room (PCR) received an urgent call from concerned local residents who warned them about the alarming situation. Acting quickly, law enforcement officials dispatched a team to the spot while simultaneously notifying the forest authorities about the incident.

Atul Garg, Superintendent of Delhi Fire Services (DFS), elaborated on the department's involvement in the operation, pointing out that they were called to help at approximately 6:18 a.m. Garg spoke of the urgency of the situation, describing how a leopard entered a house in Jagatpuri village. Working with residents, firefighters were able to herd the leopard into a designated area to prevent further harm.

The victims of the attack were given immediate medical attention. They are reportedly under medical observation as authorities continue to closely monitor the situation.

The incident highlights the crises surrounding wildlife in urban environments. However, this time, thanks to the joint efforts of law enforcement, foresters and fire officials, the situation was quickly contained, preventing potential escalation and ensuring the safety of residents in the area. As the rescue operation progresses, authorities remain vigilant, prioritizing the welfare of both residents and the captured animal.

Source: timesofindia

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