New beach rules remove sun loungers in Greece
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02.04.2024 Greece   6
New beach rules remove sun loungers in Greece

Greece is introducing stricter rules for all its beaches in an attempt to combat overcrowding.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis , Greece's prime minister, announced in a recent TikTok video that the country will be limiting the number of sun loungers allowed on its shoreline.

Seventy percent of every Greek beach must now be free of sun loungers. On protected beaches this number increases to 85%, and on some "untouchable beaches" sun loungers will be banned entirely. Sun loungers must now also be at least four meters from the shoreline.

The new law also requires half of beaches to remain open to the public, prohibiting hotels and beach businesses from monopolizing beach space and restricting access.

The Greek government will conduct electronic auctions for businesses and hotels to obtain licenses to use beach spaces so that the government can monitor and manage those who work on the shore.

Licensed businesses will also be required to maintain sanitary beaches, provide access for people with disabilities and employ lifeguards.


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