New tariffs for access to tourist sites in 2024
01.04.2024 Spain Sevilla town   12
New tariffs for access to tourist sites in 2024

More and more tourist spots are introducing visitor limits and entry fees to prevent overcrowding - and, you know, it's also adding a little to their coffers.

Now for climbing the famous (and crowded ) Mount Fuji in Japan is being charged $13, following Japan's 70% hike in the price of tourist rail passes. However, the weak yen makes this a good time for international visitors to take a bucket list trip.

If you want to see the decorated—and hugely popular—Plaza de España in Seville, Spain, expect to see it soon you will have to pay an entrance fee. The Louvre in Paris, where the Mona Lisa is located, has raised ticket prices by almost a third ahead of this summer's Paris Olympics.

And it's not just Europe and Asia. Walt Disney World Resort in Florida has already implemented park ticket price increases for next year. Some of the lowest single-park, day-ticket prices have increased by $10 for 2025.

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