New travel ban in Australia
Туристический дайджест
01.04.2024 Australia Талбот   7
New travel ban in Australia

For many years, tourists have traveled by boat through this sacred natural wonder of Australia. The new ban will stop them in their tracks. Horizontal waterfalls are one of the most unusual natural attractions of Australia, a unique combination of coastal geography and powerful tidal forces that visitors will pay top dollar to see up close.

But all that is about to change.

Located in Talbot Bay, a secluded spot on the country's northwest coast, the falls are formed when streams of seawater burst between two narrow gaps of rock, creating waves up to four meters high, resembling a waterfall.

On For decades, tours have navigated their way through these cliffs in powerful boats, much to the chagrin of the area's indigenous traditional owners, who say the site is sacred.

That's not the only reason boat tours are disputes. In May 2022, one of the boats hit the rocks, injuring passengers and prompting a major rescue operation. The incident led to calls to stop the tours for safety reasons.

Although boat trips continued, indigenous concerns have now been heard and the state of Western Australia, which contains the falls, has announced that these tours will be banned in 2028 as a sign of respect.

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