Egypt increases number of tourist attractions
28.03.2024 Egypt Cairo   27
Egypt increases number of tourist attractions

As part of the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Egypt to expand the country's tourism offerings, the Grand Egyptian and Greco-Roman museums have been reconstructed and will open this year year.

The Grand Egyptian Museum is already partially open, and, according to, the rest of its exhibits will debut this spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Open parts museums include a 3,200-year-old statue of Ramses II, an immersive cinematic experience depicting the reign of King Tutankhamun, and a virtual tour of the Valley of the Kings. According to, the exhibits include a variety of statues, sarcophagi and tablets depicting the stories of Egypt's ancient rulers.

In addition, later this year the long-awaited opening of the Greco-Roman Museum in < a href="">Alexandria after 18 years of restoration. The historical gem will feature a selection of 6,000 artifacts from the era of Alexander the Great to the reign of Cleopatra.


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