Ireland reopens South East Greenway
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28.03.2024 Ireland New Ross   16
Ireland reopens South East Greenway

As part of Ireland's Rails to Trails project, the old South East Greenway railway route, which follows the coastline of the regions known as Ireland's Ancient East, has now reopened as a scenic walking route.

The first 6 km of the 24 km route are now open, allowing travelers to stroll along the coastline from town to town, enjoying the region's natural beauty and historical sites along the way.

South East Greenway, a newly opened scenic walking trail that runs from New Ross to Glenmore. It also provides access to the Pink Rock region and the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge.

Once completed, the trail will offer hikers access to the counties of Kilkenny, Wexford and Waterford, their beautiful towns and natural features, including a coastal town New Ross, the vibrant town of Waterford and the idyllic River Barrow.


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