Egypt: Ancient Tomb and Citadel Open to Visits
26.02.2024 Egypt Luxor   28
Egypt: Ancient Tomb and Citadel Open to Visits

Egypt has opened two new tourist attractions for tourists. New areas of the Cairo Citadel and Neferhotep's Tomb are now accessible to tourists.

Neferhotep's Tomb

Neferhotep's tomb in Luxor opened after 20 years of restoration work. The tomb is said to be an important exhibit where visitors can see paintings and inscriptions on the walls of the tomb, as well as statues depicting Neferhotep and his wife Meritamun.

The restoration project began in 2000 and was led by the University of Buenos -Ayres and an archaeological group from Germany. The walls of the tomb were cleaned and the inscriptions were painted in layers. The damaged stonework was also restored so that the tomb can be safely visited and the inscriptions are clearly visible.

The tomb dates from the reign of King Ai from 1326 to 1323 BC and was damaged by fire and soot . Neferhotep was the scribe of the god Amun.

Cairo Citadel

Government Egypt also announced the opening of a new wing of the Cairo Citadel, including access to the citadel's two round towers.

The Citadel was built in 1176 AD and was the base of the Egyptian government for more than 700 years. At one time it was one of the largest citadels in the world. The newly opened wing was previously used as a private event space and military barracks.

The opening of the new section is expected to increase the length of citadel tours from one hour to three.


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