The world's oldest lipstick, 3,600 years old, was discovered in Iran!
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26.02.2024 Iran Kerman   25
The world's oldest lipstick, 3,600 years old, was discovered in Iran!

Archaeologists in the Jiroft region of Kerman province in the southeast of Iran have made a remarkable discovery - a 3,600-year-old red lipstick that is believed to be the oldest ever found. This Bronze Age cosmetic artifact, discovered in a looted tomb, provides a fascinating glimpse into the beauty practices of a bygone era, shedding light on the sophistication of ancient cultures.

The lipstick, presented in a bottle reminiscent of modern lipstick tubes lipstick, was found along with other artifacts in 2001, when the Khalil River flooded several cemeteries from the third millennium BC. Despite the looting of local residents, this ancient piece of makeup ended up in a local museum. The lipstick is made of a reddish substance consisting of minerals such as hematite, darkened by manganite and brownite, with small amounts of galena and anglesite. The color and waxy texture of the 3,600-year-old lipstick closely resemble modern lipstick recipes.

A study published in Scientific Reports suggests that the owner of the lipstick likely used it in the same way people use lipstick today . The bottle's thin shape and limited thickness indicate that it could be held comfortably with a copper-bronze mirror, leaving the other hand free to apply the lipstick with a brush or other applicator.

Although the exact origins of the lipstick remain unknown from -due to looting, researchers are confident that it comes from a local Bronze Age civilization, possibly ancient Marhashi. However, questions about the identity of the owner of the lipstick and whether this implies the invention of lipstick in ancient Iran remain unclear.

However, this discovery provides valuable information about the Bronze Age people of ancient Iran, allowing look at their social role and use of makeup. Although the earliest evidence of women using lip color dates back to the Turin papyrus of the 12th century BC. found in Egypt, Iranian lipstick acts as a chronological threshold, indicating that in the early Bronze Age people wore makeup to take on new official roles in the local hierarchy.

Massimo Vidale, one of the authors research, emphasized that the discovery of lipstick challenges traditional ideas about the history of technology. He noted that cosmetics and body paints, often associated with women, had been an integral part of metallurgical knowledge for thousands of years. Vidale calls for a change in perception, recognizing the historical importance of the cosmetics industry and its role in shaping cultural practices associated with power, beauty and authority.

3,600-year-old lipstick from Iran years, not only represents a fascinating archaeological find, but also serves as a portal into the cosmetic practices of ancient societies, challenging preconceived notions and highlighting the significance of makeup in the history of technology and cultural expression.

Source: timesofindia

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