MSC launches flexible onboard booking
22.02.2024 Cruises Morskie Kruizy   27
MSC launches flexible onboard booking

MSC Cruises has pioneered Open Booking, a program that allows passengers to book a future cruise without having to select an itinerary, cruise or date.

The Open Book ticket complements MSC Cruises' Future Cruise program, which gives passengers access to cruise booking opportunities on board an MSC ship.

This arrangement also has benefits for travel agents. Agents who made the original cruise booking on which their passengers choose to purchase an open book ticket will receive the full commission on the passenger's next cruise once a ship and sailing date have been selected.

Open book ticket can be purchased with a deposit of $100/€100/£100 per person and is valid for 12 months. Guests receive a $200/€200/£200 onboard credit if they book their next cruise in less than 60 days. The ticket can also be used as a gift and given to friends or family before choosing a cruise.

“We want to offer our guests more flexibility in choosing their next ship and sailing date, and the Open Booking program gives guests board up to a year to make this decision, while earning future credit toward your next sailing vacation,” the company said.


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