The three-day Noida Flower Show will be held in Noida from February 22.
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The three-day Noida Flower Show will be held in Noida from February 22.

This weekend in Noida everything is ready for the three-day annual flower exhibition. If reports are to be believed, the Noida Flower Show, which will be a vibrant celebration of the beauty of nature, will be held at the Ramlila Ground, Noida Stadium, Sector 21.

This is a joint effort between the Noida Authority and the Noida Horticulture Society. This grand exhibition, which is being held for the 36th time, promises to showcase as many as 70 varieties of flora, thereby creating a fascinating spectacle for visitors.

Manju Grover, General Secretary, Noida Horticultural Society said that The chosen theme for this year's exhibition is the elegant "stock" flower. At the entrance, visitors will be greeted by charming displays of hollyhock flowers, and throughout the exhibition, various delightful varieties of this floral beauty will be prominently displayed.

A special highlight of the event will be the landscape design exhibition, which features a variety of cut flowers. flowers and plants that capture the essence of nature's diverse splendor.

With a special focus on environmental awareness, the exhibition will focus on plants that help reduce pollution. In addition to the visual celebration of flowers, master classes will be organized during the event, the purpose of which will be to teach schoolchildren the techniques of growing plants and the art of processing kitchen waste into valuable compost. To cater to a variety of interests, there will also be food stalls offering a culinary complement to the botanical wonders on display.

Invitations will be extended to schools, company offices, colleges and Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs), expecting participation of approx. three thousand people, especially nature lovers and gardening enthusiasts. The flower exhibition, unfortunately, could not take place during the difficult COVID years of 2021 and 2022, but last year it returned triumphantly.

The vast exhibition area will house more than 80 booths, which will display 38 nurseries as well as entrepreneurs selling a wide range of gardening tools, pottery, manure and more. Vandana Tripathi, Officer on Special Duty (OSD), Noida Directorate, highlighted the variety of offerings, while highlighting the fact that the show will also include gardening competitions, pot demonstrations, informative talks on topics like millets and composting, and engaging cultural events. show.

The organizers strive to make the show accessible to everyone; admission is free for visitors. Additionally, to raise public awareness, street plays will be held on topical social issues, adding an educational and thought-provoking aspect to this delightful celebration of nature's bounty.

Manish Kumar from the Floriculture Department of Noida Authority expressed his excitement about the upcoming event, assuring that it will be a holistic experience catering to a wide range of interests and hobbies.

Source: timesofindia

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