Bannerghatta Biopark is ready for leopard safari
19.02.2024 India Bangalore   16
Bannerghatta Biopark is ready for leopard safari

The much-awaited leopard safari at Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP) is all set to begin if everything falls into place. Minister for Forests, Environment and Ecology Eshwar Khandre recently directed forest department officials and zoo management to initiate a leopard safari by coordinating it with the existing lion and tiger safaris.

Department officials say the know-how is in place , the timing of the launch of the safari will depend on the successful bonding and training of the animals. They added: “If all goes well, the safari could be open to the public in a month and a half. However, if the model code of conduct is implemented, it may open in May or after the code of conduct is withdrawn."

BBP has allocated 20 hectares of land for the safari, constructing a carefully designed enclosure with high-rise mesh and strategically placed fences to prevent potential animal escapes. Recognizing the agility and cunning of leopards, the enclosure was carefully designed to eliminate escape routes. Currently, there are about 12 leopards living here, and the territory's capacity is 20. A gradual introduction is currently being carried out to acclimatize and prevent conflicts among the animals.

All leopards presented at the exhibition are under one year old , are hand-reared at the zoo after being rescued during their first two months of life. BBP records show that the zoo has a total of 70 leopards, 19 tigers and 19 lions.

During a meeting with forest department officials, Minister Khandre stressed the need to hire additional staff, including temporary employees, with ensuring timely payment of wages. Officials have also been directed to ensure timely payments to members of the special task forces.

Minister Handre issued a stern warning to miscreants who set fire to forests, urging officials to take strict action against those found guilty. Regarding the joint report on forest encroachment, the minister directed officials to make the report publicly available, ensuring transparency and accessibility to all stakeholders.

Source: timesofindia

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