Disney is investing billions in theme parks and cruises
12.02.2024 USA   11
Disney is investing billions in theme parks and cruises

Disney announced Wednesday that it will invest $60 billion to improve all of its theme parks and cruise lines.

Bob Iger, Disney CEO, made the announcement on its quarterly earnings call. on Wednesday, saying the majority of the investment (70%) would go toward expanding all of the company's fleets. He said the company will make improvements to all its divisions around the world.

Iger also hinted that Disney will focus on its cruise lines, adding three more cruise ships in the near future. "We can look broadly, at least for the next decade, in that direction."

Disney currently has five ships in its fleet, the latest of which, Disney Treasure, will be launched at the end of 2024. The company also announced an expansion of cruise lines that will begin this summer.

Iger did not specify when exactly visitors will experience the changes. “We have a menu that will start opening in '25. And each year there will be additional investment and capacity expansion."

Disney has already announced expansions to its attractions at the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland USA, which will open to visitors later this year.

Source: travelnews.co.za