The world's rarest white whale, Omura, spotted off the coast of Thailand
12.02.2024 Thailand Phuket   14
The world's rarest white whale, Omura, spotted off the coast of Thailand

The world's rarest whale, Omura's white whale, was recently spotted, according to recent reports. It was captured on film for only the second time in history. This unusual sighting occurred off the coast of Thailand.

Reports further add that tourists aboard a charter boat near Phuket were lucky to experience this unique moment when they spotted a pair of rare Omura whales swimming together in the Andaman Sea, one of which was completely white.

Wonderful footage of this unique white the creatures were handed over to environmental organization ThaiWhales and local authorities. ThaiWhales posted the video on Facebook, calling it "a first of its kind and a breathtaking marine discovery." In the footage, a beluga whale can be seen enthusiastically swimming alongside the charter boat, leaving tourists in awe.

Omura's all-white whale has been spotted for the first time in Thailand, according to Thon Tamrongnawasawat of ThaiWhales. The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources of Thailand began searching for this rare animal. Despite intensive efforts, reports say officials were unable to locate the beluga whale. However, during their search, they were able to spot at least four other Omura whales nearby, feeding and swimming near popular spots such as the islands Phi Phi, Coral Island and Honeymoon Island.

Omura whales, considered the last identified species of mammal, were first discovered in 2003 as carcasses, and were later discovered for the first time sighted alive in 2015.

These whales have distinctive features such as long, slender bodies giving them a serpentine appearance, a small and strongly recurved or curved dorsal fin, and a single crest on the front. heads. Omura whales, growing up to 40 feet in length and weighing up to 44,000 pounds, typically live in tropical and warm seas.

Despite their uniqueness, scientists still have limited knowledge about Omura's whales, including uncertainties regarding their population size, distribution and potential differences in appearance. The recent sighting of Omura's whale in Thailand adds to ongoing efforts to unravel the mysteries surrounding these elusive and rare sea creatures.

Source: timesofindia