The cost of obtaining a Schengen visa has increased
09.02.2024 Europe   14
The cost of obtaining a Schengen visa has increased

The EU plans to raise the application fee for a Schengen visa by 12%, from 80 euros to 90 euros for adults. The application fee for children will increase from 40 euros to 45 euros.

The draft plan also includes a potential increase in visa fees for applicants from countries that have demonstrated insufficient cooperation in the readmission of citizens expelled from the Schengen area . These fees will increase from €120 to €160 and from €135 to €180. In addition, the Commission stated that external providers of Schengen visa services may also charge higher fees, increasing the fee from 40 to 45 euros.

When the fees are reviewed every three years The European Commission said the increase was necessary due to inflation. The commission has published its proposal for price increases, which will remain open for consultation until March 1. The resolution can then be put into practice, if adopted, 20 days after its publication.