This is the rarest passport in the world, only 500 people have it!
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This is the rarest passport in the world, only 500 people have it!

There are certain passports that are more effective than others, determined by the number of countries their citizens can travel to without visas. In addition, the strength of a passport is determined by factors such as political stability, diplomatic relations, economic strength and regional agreements.

In this context, the Japanese passport must be mentioned as it is one of the most powerful passports in the world. FYI, Japanese passport holders have visa-free access to 193 countries around the world, highlighting their honorable status.

Well, while being able to visit more countries without a visa is cool, what could be more exclusive is the possession of the rarest passport in the world - the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

The Order of Malta, recognized as a sovereign state with United Nations observer status and a constitution, is also known as the Knights of Malta and operates without territorial jurisdiction. It issues unique license plates, currency, passports and stamps.

The Order of Malta, which dates back to the 1300s, was one of the first to issue passports to diplomats going on foreign missions. After World War II, these diplomatic passports evolved, taking on features reminiscent of the passports of different countries. There are currently only about 500 diplomatic passports in the world, making them the rarest in existence.

The Order's distinctive crimson passport, potentially symbolizing the blood of Christ, is intended exclusively for members of the Sovereign Council, heads of diplomatic missions and their families.

The Order issues passports to members of its government throughout their term of office. Grand Masters have a ten-year period of validity, which corresponds to their elected status for two terms and mandatory retirement upon reaching 85 years of age. In contrast, other passports are valid for only four years and are closely tied to the specific duration of the assignment within the Order.

These passports consist of 44 pages, have the Maltese cross watermark and do not contain additional embellishments such as images or quotes.

Referring to this, the official added that the diplomatic passport is recognized by two-thirds of the members of the Schengen area, and despite the lack of formal diplomatic relations, the Order works closely with various countries, including with France, the UK and the US.

He also added that they provide rapid medical and humanitarian assistance to victims of conflicts or natural disasters, operate hospitals, ambulance services, medical centers, homes for the elderly and disabled , soup kitchens and first aid stations, emphasizing the Order's commitment to global welfare. Currently, the Sovereign Order of Malta is active in 120 countries, providing assistance to those in need through its medical, social and humanitarian initiatives, the publication reports.

It should be noted that some countries , including the US, UK and New Zealand, do not recognize this passport as a valid travel ID. However, it is recognized in 120 countries, demonstrating its presence as more than just a sovereign entity.

Source: timesofindia

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