Air New Zealand now has a sleeping area
02.02.2024 New Zealand   32
Air New Zealand now has a sleeping area

Air New Zealand is set to launch its highly anticipated Skynest this September. Skynest is a six-pod sleeper area available for economy passengers to book four-hour sleep sessions.

The airline will begin installing the sleeper option on its ultra-long-haul flights, starting with flights from New York and Chicago to New Zealand, and plans to expand it to European and Asian flights.

Passengers will be able to book the Skynest option for between NZ$400 and NZ$600. The combined cost of an economy class seat and sleep on a flight from New York to Auckland starts from approximately NZD 1,600 – That's still less than the cost of the carrier's Premium Economy class on the same flight, from about NZ$2,800.

The berths are equipped with USB charging ports and fans, as well as a modified seat belt to protect against turbulence. Bed linen will be changed between sessions and a soft light will wake passengers at the end of the session.

The airline has removed five economy class seats to install Skynest, which will be located between the economy and premium cabins -economy.


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