Thailand: Phuket introduces online visa extension system for tourists
03.01.2024 Thailand Phuket   39
Thailand: Phuket introduces online visa extension system for tourists

Phuket is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Thailand, as well as a favorite place among travelers. Now, as per the latest developments, it has simplified the visa process for foreigners by introducing an online visa extension system. According to reports, Immigration Bureau Commissioner Lieutenant General Itthiphon Ittisanronnachai said that foreigners residing in Phuket under any of the 12 specified visa types can now use the online platform to apply for visa extension.

The initiative is part of Lt Gen Ittiphon's wider mission to streamline the operations of the Immigration Bureau and ensure a comfortable experience for tourists during the upcoming New Year holidays. The main goal is to streamline the immigration process, making it efficient and easily accessible.

Phuket, a key tourism destination in the upper southern region, is a government priority. Policies facilitating travel, such as visa waivers for tourists from China and India to Thailand, have already been implemented and, as tourism statistics show, are proving to be very productive.

Phuket Airport saw a significant influx in December tourists from Russia: on average, 3,600 people arrived per day. They are followed by China, UK and India with average daily traffic of 1500, 780 and 720 visitors respectively. Tourist traffic through the airport is reportedly expected to reach an impressive 350,000 this month.

The recently introduced online visa extension system, known as "E-Extension", aims to simplify the renewal process for the 12 specified visa categories. Tourists will now be able to submit documents and make appointments online and then receive a physical stamp for visa extension, the reports added.

The e-visa extension service is currently operational at Immigration Bureau 1 in Bangkok and immigration offices in densely populated areas such as Chon Buri, Chiang Mai and Phuket. However, specific details about the E-Extension service for foreigners in Phuket have not yet been officially disclosed on the Phuket Immigration website.

Lt Gen Itthifon plans to meet with local immigration officials to resolve potential issues , gather feedback and consider changes needed.

Reports further add that Thailand is on track to reach pre-pandemic tourist numbers and reach its 2023 will be visited by about 24.5 million people. Despite meeting the government's target for this year, the figure remains below the record 40 million visitors recorded in 2019.

Source: timesofindia

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