Indonesia begins offering 5-year multiple-entry visas to boost tourism
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03.01.2024 Indonesia Bali   15
Indonesia begins offering 5-year multiple-entry visas to boost tourismIndonesia begins offering 5-year multiple-entry visas to boost tourism

In a recent development, Indonesia recently announced significant changes to its visa policy, which aims to boost the tourism sector. The strategic move involves the introduction of a five-year visa policy that will allow visitors to stay for a maximum of 60 days.

If reports are to be believed, Indonesia, as Southeast Asia's largest economy, is strategically positioning itself to become more attractive to travelers from around the world.

This visa policy, which comes into force on December 20, marks a departure from the traditional 30-day single-entry tourist visa. Immigration chief Silmi Karim said the extended deadline and multiple entries are an integral part of the government's comprehensive efforts to stimulate economic growth.

An innovative aspect of the new policy is the simplification of online applications with the added convenience of paying via credit cards. making the entry process easier for foreigners.

Indonesia's decision to extend visa validity is in line with its efforts to compete more effectively with neighboring tourism destinations. A regular 30-day tourist visa, which can be extended for an additional 30 days, often has restrictions for those wishing for a longer stay or multiple entries. Thus, this new policy will not only accommodate their preferences, but will also make their travel easier, potentially making Indonesia a more attractive option for foreign tourists.

Reports add that as of December 8, the country has already received almost 10 million foreign tourists, thereby exceeding the original target of 8.5 million for the year. Despite this achievement, Indonesia lags behind neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, by total number of tourists.

For example, 26 are registered in Malaysia million arrivals, Thailand - 24 million, and Vietnam - 11.2 million. To fill this gap, Indonesia has set an ambitious goal of attracting 40 million foreign tourists by 2025.

In the competitive environment of global tourism, neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore are also actively reviewing their visa policies to attract visitors, especially from emerging markets such as China and India. By offering greater flexibility and easing entry requirements, these countries are positioning themselves as desirable destinations for international travelers.

Indonesia's recent visa policy therefore marks a bold step towards promoting economic growth through tourism. By extending visa validity and making it easier to apply online, the country is aiming to position itself as a more accessible and attractive destination on the global travel map.

Source: timesofindia

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