An Egyptian Book of the Dead scroll dating back to 1550 BC was found in an ancient cemetery.
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31.10.2023 Egypt   194
An Egyptian Book of the Dead scroll dating back to 1550 BC was found in an ancient cemetery.

Archaeologists have made an intriguing discovery in Tuna el Gebel in central Egypt - an ancient cemetery in which a rare 49-foot scroll was discovered , supposedly associated with the Book of the Dead.

This is a cemetery built approximately 3,500 years ago, during the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. It was recently discovered during an ongoing archaeological mission that began in 2017.

According to reports, the “Book of the Dead” is a relatively modern term that includes texts that served as a guide for the dead in their journey through the underworld.

The reports further explain that although about 200 spells are known, they have not been accurately collected into books. Sequences of these spells were inscribed on objects ranging from mummy covers to coffins, figurines and papyrus scrolls, all intended to accompany the dead in the tomb.

In addition to the remarkable papyrus scroll, mummies were also discovered at the site , sarcophagi, amulets and numerous shabti figurines. In addition, during the excavations, jars intended to store the organs of the dead were discovered.

Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities officially announced these findings at a press conference on October 15. A fascinating Book of the Dead scroll discovered in a cemetery is part of a series of ancient Egyptian ritual spells. These spells are believed to aid the deceased in their quest to reach the afterlife and find unity with the sun god Ra and the underworld god Osiris in the eternal cycle of renewal and rebirth.

In addition, the sequences of these spells were inscribed on various objects that were intended to accompany the deceased in his grave. Part of this sequence was even inscribed into the golden mask of King Tutankhamun. Although the collection is often referred to as the "Book of the Dead", the official translation of the collection's title, according to the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE), is "Chapters/Book of Moving Forward by Day."

Source: timesofindia

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