This retired couple has booked 51 cruises in a row; plan to travel endlessly!
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This retired couple has booked 51 cruises in a row; plan to travel endlessly!

The retired couple have gained international attention for spending nearly 500 days at sea and plan to do so indefinitely.

Marty and Jess Ansen have reportedly embarked on an epic adventure, booking 51 consecutive cruises on "Coral Princess", surpassing even the ship's crew in terms of time spent on board, including captains.

Jess adds, “We warmly welcome the different captains on board,” when asked how she feels about cruise vacations.

They were experienced seafarers long before the COVID-19 pandemic. After two years at home due to Australia's lockdown, they were excited to return to the high seas when restrictions were lifted.

While retirement usually symbolizes relaxation and exploration, the Ansens decided to take it to the next level , having spent almost 500 consecutive days cruising around the world.

Their decision to do so was driven by their passion for cruising and a desire to make up for lost time on a cruise during Australia's strict restrictions. They discovered that this lifestyle was even more affordable than a retirement home, which led them to ask their travel agent to book whatever was available, and they have been living their dream ever since.

Leisure activities aside, such as morning ping-pong matches and sipping beers while taking in stunning views, the Ansens have a penchant for ballroom and hula dancing.

Their constant presence on cruise ships has earned them the title of "celebrities on board" , according to hotel managers. They take their status seriously and go out of their way to welcome every new captain who comes on board.

Despite being away from home and family for a long time, the couple claims that neither which he doesn't regret. Their families are busy with their lives, and Jess and Marty are at the point where they want to enjoy every moment.

Besides the occasional reunion during port stops, the Ansens are focused on spending time together. Their journey seems endless as they plan to continue their journey on an even larger ship "Crown Princess" after their current voyage on the Coral Princess, ensuring that their adventure will continue forever.

As Jess and Marty put it: "It's a Wonderful Life ".

Source: timesofindia