Egypt: secret rooms in the 4400-year-old pyramid of Sahure revealed!
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Egypt: secret rooms in the 4400-year-old pyramid of Sahure revealed!

The Pyramid of Sahure, built more than 4,400 years ago in honor of Pharaoh Sahure of the Fifth Dynasty, has now opened its secret chambers thanks to a team from the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg carrying out a conservation and restoration project.

If reports are to be believed, their research was part of a comprehensive conservation and restoration project aimed at uncovering the secrets of this mysterious pyramid.

Under the leadership of Dr. Mohamed Ismail Khaled, the team discovered storage areas inside the pyramid that had previously gone undetected. This revolutionary discovery represents an important milestone in our understanding of the historical significance of the Pyramid of Sahure.

This pyramid, built in the late 26th to 25th centuries BC, was built in honor of Sahure (also known as Sahure) , second king of the Fifth Dynasty. His reign was characterized by remarkable peace and prosperity, marked, among other things, by thriving trade with foreign countries, advances in naval technology and the establishment of mines.

More than a century since Ludwig Borchardt's first exploration in 1907, now, more than a century later, modern scientists have once again ventured inside this ancient wonder.

The team's original goal was to stabilize the base of the pyramid to prevent further destruction. They used advanced 3D laser scanning technology to carefully document both the vast external areas and the complex internal passages and chambers of the pyramid. This comprehensive approach revealed a hidden corridor leading to eight previously unknown storage rooms.

Although the ceilings and floors of the warehouses suffered significant damage, their contents remain a mystery. During the restoration process, the team sought to find a balance between preserving the structural integrity and making these spaces available for future research, and possibly public participation.

The team's discoveries are expected to will shed light on the unsolved mysteries surrounding the Pyramid of Sahura and provide a better understanding of its design and the secrets hidden in its chambers. This breakthrough promises to challenge existing paradigms in the development of pyramidal structures and the understanding of history.

Source: timesofindia

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