Enchanted Halloween: Journey into the World of Holiday

Enchanted Halloween: Journey into the World of Holiday

Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, USA, Ireland, Romania, Venice, Salem (Massachusets)
Today we will go on an exciting journey into the world of Halloween - one of the most magical and mysterious holidays on our planet.

Halloween, also known as All Saints' Day, provides us with a unique opportunity to plunge into an atmosphere of mysticism, mystery and fun. Follow us and you will learn how to celebrate Halloween in different parts of the world.

Salem, Massachusetts, USA

There is probably no other place on Earth that is more associated with Halloween than Salem, famous for its witches and witcher past. Here you can visit the witch museum and ride a broomstick, as well as take part in numerous festive events.


In Mexico, Halloween is combined with the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). This holiday, dedicated to the memory of the dead, is a unique combination of Catholic and Aztec traditions. You will see colorful altars decorated with flowers and costumes resembling skeletons.

Transylvania, Romania

If you want to feel the real atmosphere of vampires and Dracula, then Transylvania is your place. Here you can visit Bran Castle and learn more about the legendary vampire Dracula.


Halloween was born in Ireland, and this holiday is celebrated here in a particularly colorful way. Visit ancient burial grounds where Celtic rituals took place and immerse yourself in the world of legends and tales.


Although Halloween is not a traditional Japanese holiday, it is becoming increasingly popular. Many clubs and restaurants in Tokyo throw Halloween-themed parties, and you can enjoy Japanese cuisine decorated according to the holiday theme.

New Zealand

In this country, Halloween coincides with the spring holiday of Matariki, the celebration of the new year according to the Maori calendar. It is a time of joyful gathering of family and friends and respect for ancestors.

Venice, Italy

Venice, famous for its carnivals, creates a unique Halloween atmosphere. Here you can put on Venetian masks and take part in mystical processions along the city’s canals.

Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia

Why not celebrate Halloween on a train, traveling along the longest railway in the world? Meet the sunrise in the Ural mountains and enjoy the mystical views of Siberia.

Happy Halloween! No matter where you choose to celebrate this magical holiday, don't forget to prepare your costume, bring your pumpkin, and get ready for the adventures that await you.

Remember, Halloween is a time of fun, mysticism and magic. This is the day when the boundaries between the world of the living and the world of spirits become thinner, and we can feel the mysterious attraction that this holiday brings. From American witches in Salem to Celtic rituals in Ireland, from colorful masquerades in Venice to parties in Tokyo, Halloween unites us in a common desire for fun and adventure.

A Journey into the World of Halloween - this is an opportunity to immerse yourself in different cultures, traditions and legends, to experience an atmosphere of mystery and surprise. Regardless of your choice, this holiday promises to be an unforgettable and unique experience.

Don't forget to share your adventures with friends and loved ones, creating memories that will last forever. Happy Halloween and happy travels!

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