6 GREAT HIKES in Denmark

6 GREAT HIKES in Denmark

Denmark, Bornholm, Billund Municipality, Bogo By, Mon, Funen, Region Zealand, Central Denmark Region
An underrated trekking spot

Although there are no high peaks, the beautiful and varied nature offers many delightful hiking trails just waiting to be explored.

The friendliest in Denmark

Kamönoen is known as Denmark's friendliest hiking trail and stretches for 175 km around Møn, Njord and Bogø. A good starting point is the Mons Museum, where you can find out more about what to see, where to book accommodation and print out your personalized hiking map. One of the attractions of this area is Mons Klint, white limestone cliffs over 100 m high with a sheer cliff into the sea. There is also an activity center with interactive exhibits, a state-of-the-art 3D cinema, and cliffside tours. Camønoen is part of the Sjællandsleden trail, which runs across the island of Zealand.

One of the longest

Øhavsstien in the south of Funen, with a length of 220 km, is one of the longest hiking trails in Denmark. It passes through a beautiful cultural landscape with poppy fields and farmsteads and is never far from the sea. The trail is divided into seven different stages, each of which can be divided into shorter day hikes.

Det Sydfynske Øhav contains descriptions of all stages, as well as tips on what to see along the way. Parts of Øhavsstien are on the route of the Fjällräven Classic Denmark, a major trekking event taking place from 5-8 July this year. Why not combine a hike through Funen with a visit to some of Denmark's castles, such as the 17th-century Valdemar Castle?

Walk through varied landscape

Along the coast of Bornholm, the historic coastal path passes through a varied landscape of cliffs, sandy beaches and unspoiled nature. The trail also passes through a succession of small fishing villages and charming towns, where you can find both a place to stay and a good place to eat. In other words, this is the perfect route for those who want to experience a little Danish hygge. The entire round trip is about 120 km. It can be done in three days, but if you want to see all the sights and enjoy a more leisurely pace, a week is recommended. The Bornholm-Rundt March runs from June 30 to July 2, when the entire route is covered in three days.

Legendary trail

Hærvejen, also known in English as the Ox Road, is perhaps the most legendary hiking trail in Denmark. It runs throughout Jutland from the German border to Hirtshals, and some parts of it date back over 4,000 years. For centuries the 500km trail has been used by pilgrims, armies and traders, but is now a well-maintained walking and cycling trail that passes through moorland, forest, sand dunes and farmland.

You can choose a 14-day, seven-day or just a one-day walk. If you take the longer routes, you can stay overnight in hostels along Herveijen - 12 historic farms and buildings offer travelers basic food and accommodation. If you want to take a walk without worrying about luggage, accommodation or dinner, Vagabond Tours can arrange it for you.

Walking around Jutland

Coast to Coast Trail
This hiking trail through Jutland takes you to some of Denmark's most beautiful natural areas. From the tidal waters of the Wadden Sea National Park and the wild North Sea at Blövandschuk to gentle river valleys, forests, heathland and hills. The trail is 130 km long and along the way you can stop at simple campsites with water, toilets and a fire.

You'll also see lighthouses, nature centers, medieval churches and German bunkers, as well as plenty of tempting shops to stock up on provisions along the way. If you buy a fishing permit, you can also dine on the River Varde, known for some of the best salmon waters in Denmark. You can download a walking map with GPS for your trip here.

Pedestrian and bicycle path

Bindeballestien at Vejle is a 36 km walking and cycling route through the beautiful Vejle Odal valley, where you will discover an ever-changing but always impressive nature and numerous cultural heritage sites. The landscape includes heather-covered hills and sand dunes, ice age slopes, gorges and forests, as well as an Iron Age sacrificial bog. Reconstructed Iron Age farmhouses, 13th-century frescoes, the historic Haraldskær Hovedgård Hotel, Iron Age Museum and Nature Center are other attractions worth checking out.

To make the most of the walk, it is recommended to set aside a couple of days. The route ends in Billund, where there is an airport, the Lalandia holiday center and the legendary LEGOLAND.

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