National Georgian costume kartuli

National Georgian costume kartuli

Preservation of traditions and authenticity through folklore and national costumes. Try on a chokha and a hat. Feel like a Georgian.

You can penetrate into the essence of Georgian life by learning about national clothing. In it you will see a reflection of history, reveal the artistic worldview and ethnic image of the Georgian people. Georgian traditional attire reflects the moral and cultural values ​​of the inhabitants of Sakartvelo.

The country's unique geographical location and changing climate have influenced Georgian clothing, leading to the emergence of a wide range of national attire. On clothes you can see all kinds of ornaments, personifying the attributes of different eras. All kinds of details and elements decorating clothes tell about the morals and preferences of the inhabitants of Georgia.

Men's and women's costumes have always looked quite strict, regardless of social class. Strength and durability were welcomed in fabrics. Rich people afforded themselves clothes made of silk and velvet. In summer, costumes were decorated with elegant lace, and in winter - with noble furs.

The style of clothing depended on the region of Georgia. In each region, traditional clothing was dominated by elements characteristic of that particular area. The national costume was sewn in such a way that even everyday clothes looked very elegant.

One of the varieties of women's clothing is the kartuli dress. A fitted dress with a tight upper part and a fluffy bottom, the hem of which reaches to the floor, looks very feminine and extremely beautiful. The corset is decorated with gems, embroidered braid and many other decorative elements. The bodice is sometimes decorated with embroidery with national symbols. Lush multi-layered sleeves give the outfit a special charm.

The dress must be accompanied by a belt, which is a luxurious attribute of the outfit. It is sewn from velvet or silk. The belt is decorated with decorative embroidery and pearls. The belt should be tied so that it falls along the female figure, and all its charm is visible.

Each element of the dress represents an image of the chastity and purity of a Georgian woman. Mostly noble, thin fabrics are used for attire: silk, satin and velvet. The dress has a very beautiful and at the same time comfortable cut. On the one hand, there is a tight-fitting upper part, emphasizing feminine elegance, and on the other, a fluffy bottom, the loose ends of which allow you to move comfortably.

The kartuli dress is a very fashionable outfit, but more conservative. Not a single folklore ensemble can do without kartuli. Kartuli is a kind of antipode to the urban style. Women increasingly began to wear dresses for weddings, various celebrations or in everyday life, ordering kartuli from talented designers.

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