A LITTLE ABOUT GEORGIAN DANCES Dance is a form of self-expression. And when the whole country dances, it’s a way of life.

Dance is an art woven from the poetry of the body. Through dance, every nation reveals its soul. The richer the soul, the more graceful the dance. By dancing you can also learn the traditions and culture of the people. Perhaps no one can compare with Georgian dancers in their ability to glorify the customs of their country with such dignity. Georgian folk dances are imbued with love and reverence for their Motherland.

Contemplating Georgian dances, it is impossible to take your eyes off the graceful and majestic movements, akin to works of art. In the dance movements one can see a reverent attitude towards women on the part of men and submission to their husbands on the part of women. The dances reveal the true spirit of the highlanders, famous for their powerful strength and fearlessness. Watching the virtuoso elements of flight in dance, you are amazed at how Georgian dancers easily overcome the force of gravity. This suggests that the Georgian people are capable of incredible feats and unprecedented achievements.

Georgia has been breathing dances since ancient times. Among the Georgian tribes who lived before our era, secular music and dance melodies were very widespread. Georgians used songs and dances in all areas of their lives. Even the Georgians began battles with ritual songs with elements of dance.

At first the dance had a religious content, but over time the ritual meaning was lost, leaving the dance itself ahead. Therefore, Georgian dances were formed as elements of folk art. Dancing has always accompanied Georgians in their daily lives. They were entirely connected with various labor processes of the inhabitants of Georgia. Thus, dance movements appeared, depicting agricultural labor, hunting and much more.

Folk dances of Georgia evolved, movements and content gradually changed. Dances of a military nature, entertainment and romantic dances, or dances similar to competitions began to appear. Each dance is a small life in which certain events occur. Dancers can demonstrate the character of mountain dwellers or show city life among the plains. But in every dance there is a manifestation of courage, beauty and love.

In Georgian dances there are several means for self-expression. Men demonstrate masterly jumps, high jumps or precise turns. These movements show the manifestation of their strength, agility and courage. Women, on the contrary, dance very smoothly and gracefully, moving in small steps. This is how they show submission, humility and modesty.

The most common dance is “Kartuli”. This is a wedding dance that reflects the strict character of the people of Georgia. During the dance, the partners are at a distance and do not touch each other. This manner of performance shows the innocence of the girl and the nobility of the man.

The man’s torso, while performing dance movements, remains motionless, and his gaze is turned only to his beloved. This speaks of his love and serious intention. The girl dances with her eyes modestly lowered, not daring even to look at her lover. She glides so smoothly, like a swan, on the smooth surface of the water. The girl’s movements show good manners and chastity, as befits any Caucasian beauty.

Kartuli truly shows the true relationship that should exist between lovers. This is the chivalrous attitude of a strong Georgian man towards a fragile woman, and the highest respect and love of a woman for a noble man.


The most famous Georgian folk ensemble is “Sukhashvili”. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to get to their concert.
In Tbilisi you can get to a master class or see dancing in some restaurants, for example, “In the Shadow of Metekhi” or “Phaeton”.

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