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Vashlovani is a national park on the territory of Kakheti in Eastern Georgia. This tour is ideal for lovers of adventure tourism. It's hard to believe that there are places in Georgia that resemble a “Martian” landscape. Want to visit? Then this is the place for you.


Georgia is rich in all kinds of gifts of nature. It is replete with amazing landscapes and bizarre landscapes. However, among all these picturesque corners, the most beautiful and unusual places stand out. One of these gifts is Vashlovani Park, located in the most beautiful region - Kakheti. The park was created with the aim of protecting the forest-steppe or, as it is otherwise called, “light forests” from disappearance.

The national reserve is located in Eastern Georgia and penetrates like a wedge into the border of the neighboring state. The territory of Vashlovani Park includes:

a nature reserve, forest, desert, gorge, mud volcanoes and much more.

The relief texture of the area is quite diverse. The flat plateau turns into steep cliffs, which sometimes deepen into karst caves. The pristine appearance of the landscape turned the park into a fantastic and fairy-tale island.

The Vashlovan corner was formed inside the continuously growing mountains. The territory lives by its own laws and is not similar to any other region of Georgia. The Vashlovani area is similar to a dry savanna or wild prairie, since there are no snow-white peaks and lush emerald meadows characteristic of Georgia. Deciduous forests give way to forest-steppe, and then completely turn into a scorched scorching desert. As you approach to the east, the landscape begins to resemble something alien, not typical of our Earth.

On the territory of the reserve there is a unique natural creation that amazes with its extraordinary scope. Beyond the Dalismata reservoir, giant chocolate-colored hills appear. Near them, springs of constantly bubbling blue clay formed. Here, jets of oil fly out from the cracked depths. And between them there are small lakes. These are the mud volcanoes of Tahi Tepa, which are a real miracle.

In the park there are rock canyons that look like sharp walls, behind which hides a unique world of flora and fauna. Various vegetation enriches the air with an extraordinary aroma, and salty springs fill the space with humidity. Here you can see juniper and pistachio trees, enjoy the smell of jasmine, and also enjoy figs and pomegranates. Plants endemic to the Caucasian lands give the park a special charm.

One of the most beautiful rivers in Georgia, the Alazani, flows on the territory of the reserve. It nourishes the surrounding space with its moisture, turning the desert into a green paradise garden. The river is home to a variety of fish, and an amazing variety of animals appears on its banks. The park is home to more than eighty species of various birds, including very rare birds such as the black stork and the griffon vulture. The Vashlovan Nature Reserve shelters such a maximum number of wild animals that you will not find them anywhere else in such abundance. In the park you can even see such a rare animal as a leopard.

You can wander around the reserve on foot with tents, travel by car or take river walks by renting a boat. In the park you will see dinosaur bones that were found by archaeologists and are now the property of the reserve.
Registration at the Dedoplitskaro information center is required.
It is obligatory to have documents with you.
Pre-registration with border guards is required.
Ranger accompaniment is required, so you should immediately book a tour with a guide-driver from Tbilisi.
Duration: 3-4 days
The cost is calculated individually and depends on the number of people in the group and the number of overnight stays.

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