LAGODEKHI - nature reserve in Kakheti

LAGODEKHI - nature reserve in Kakheti

Georgia, Kakheti, Lagodekhi
The Kakheti region in Eastern Georgia is famous for the Alazani Valley and wine. Few people know that there is a reserve here with unique flora and fauna, untouched forest, mountain rivers and waterfalls. A real discovery for nature lovers.

Lagodekhi - nature reserve in Kakheti

In Kakheti, at the foot of the Caucasus, lies the amazing Lagodekhi nature reserve. It is extremely beautiful and diverse. Lagodekhi is considered one of the oldest parks in Georgia.

In the national reserve you can admire amazing flowers and tropical plants. Enjoy crystal mountain rivers and a glacial lake. The park is decorated with unique mountain landscapes and lush emerald meadows.

Lagodekhi is mostly covered with forests, creating twilight, uncharacteristic for this sunny country. The park lives in its own ecosystem. There is no scorching sun here, but on the contrary, coolness reigns. The greenery in the reserve shimmers with clean, damp dew, and local flowers intoxicate with a delicate aroma.

Lagodekhi Park is framed on both sides by the giant spurs of the Caucasus Mountains, protecting it from the east and west. Thanks to two Caucasian ridges, Lagodekhi is a gorge. On the northern side, the hills protect it from cold winds, and in the south the gorge smoothly passes into the Alazani valley.

The Alazani valley brings an abundance of sun and warmth to the gorge. Thanks to the sun and the abundance of reservoirs, a greenhouse effect is created, similar to a subtropical climate. However, in the park there are quite high mountains in which cold prevails.

The flora and fauna of the Lagodekhi Nature Reserve is diverse and rich. Here you can see plants from the Red Book, such as yews or bear nuts. The territory of the reserve is colorful and fragrant with more than a thousand species of flowers. In the park you can meet deer and brown bear. Endangered wild boars live here. The reserve is filled with the polyphony of rare birds. Here you can observe the life of golden eagles and peregrine falcons in natural conditions. The gorge has become home and habitat for a colossal number of animals.


Lagodekhi has several attractions. Lost among the green meadows is a weather station that has turned into a small hostel for tourists. From here you can enjoy a stunning panorama of the reserve. The air at the top is incredibly clean. At dawn and sunset, everything begins to sparkle in the sun's rays, and a light veil of haze descends to the surface of the earth.

After spending the night in Meteo, tourists go to an extraordinary lake called Hala-Khl. It was formed in the distant Ice Age and has a bright blue color. The reservoir is also called the Lake of Black Rocks, since the mountains that frame the area look really black.

You will get an extraordinary amount of delight from contemplating the local fountain that bursts out of the rock. The waterfall is called Black Grouse. It has amazingly clean mountain water, in which it is customary to swim. Despite the cold water, tourists plunge into it, believing that it heals all sorts of ailments. The most grandiose waterfall in the reserve is considered to be Ninoskhevi. Its height is about one hundred meters, which is why it has an indescribable impression.

On the territory of Lagodekhi there is another attraction - the Machi fortress. The building was the summer residence of the Kakheti kings. The huge building is almost destroyed because it is very ancient. All that remains of the fortress are the remains of walls and stone towers overgrown with moss.

The national park is extremely beautiful. Here you can get aesthetic pleasure from everything that comes along the way. The main task of the reserve is to comprehensively study the territory and protect endemic flora and fauna.

You can get to Lagodekhi on your own by taxi from Telavi or Sighnaghi. Or book an individual excursion.
Visited as part of a tour of Kakheti.
A full day must be provided, possibly with an overnight stay.
Before starting a walk in Lagodekhi, you must register at the local information center.
Guide a ranger costs 20 GEL.
The routes are marked.
There is a cafe on the territory of the information center.
Clothes and shoes must be appropriate; you may have to cross a mountain river in several places.

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