10 ideas for spending time in Granada

10 ideas for spending time in Granada

Spain, Granada (city), Andalusia, Granada provincia, Comarca de la Alpujarra Granadina
Granada, a wonderful city located in the south of Spain, which is covered on one side by the Sierra Nevada mountains, and on the other by a fertile valley...

On the one hand, Granada is a youth city; one of the largest universities in the country is located here; on the other hand, it is a tourist Mecca, primarily thanks to the Alhambra palace complex. So here are some ideas for spending a few days in Granada.

1. Visit the Alhambra!

The Alhambra is the residence of the last emirs of Granada and the last stronghold of Islam on the Iberian Peninsula. In addition to the fabulous palaces skillfully built by local architects, the complex also includes the Generalife Gardens, a paradise for local rulers. The number of tickets per day is limited, so tickets must be booked in advance to visit the Alhambra.

2. Sunset at the observation deck of St. Nicholas (Mirador de San Nicolás)

American President Bill Clinton claimed that he saw the best sunsets of his life in Granada. Imagine how the sun disappears behind the mountains and colors the sky first in golden, then pinkish, and then purple tones. And all this play of colors serves only as a backdrop for the majestic Alhambra and the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada.

3. Try green tea with fresh mint and Arabic sweets in a Moroccan teahouse

Granada still lives up to its Moorish past, so for a truly immersive experience, a visit to one of the many teahouses located in the Albaycín quarter is a good addition.

4. After an intense day, you can relax in an Arabic bath

Here, in addition to pools with different temperatures, they offer relaxing massages. Just in time, after an eventful first day in Granada.

5. Discover Granada's Christian Heritage

It's time to meet another face of Granada. After almost eight centuries of Moorish rule, Granada, willy-nilly, took the path of Christianity. It is not enough to look at the churches and monasteries of Granada from the outside, they must be seen from the inside, because it is there that impressive carved iconostases, sculpture, stucco molding and paintings are hidden from the gaze of passers-by. I would especially like to mention the Cathedral, the Royal Chapel, the Carthusian Monastery, the Monastery of St. Jerome, the Basilica of St. John of God and the Basilica of Our Lady of Sorrows.

6. Visit the cave dwellers!

In the gypsy quarter of Sacromonte, local gypsies and others still live in caves dug into the steep walls of the hill. There is an interpretation center for the Sacromonte caves, where, thanks to a flight of fancy, you can imagine yourself as a cave dweller. Also a must-see item on the program is attending a flamenco performance in one of the caves.

7. The next item on our program is gastronomic!

We're going on a tapas bar crawl. According to local tradition, the drink comes with a snack. This is a good opportunity to try a little of everything.

8. Andalusia is a world producer of olive oil.

A visit to Granada can be an excellent occasion to visit a modern olive oil pressing plant. And for those who want to dive into history in great detail, not far from Granada, in one of the villages, there is an oil press from the 15th century, which operated until the mid-20th century, until electricity was brought to the village.

9. Ski in the Sierra Nevada

Despite the fact that Granada is located in the south of Spain, the peaks of the Sierra Nevada reach almost three and a half thousand meters. An hour's drive from the city there is a ski resort.

10. Drive through the white villages of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park

On the southern slope of the mountains lies the Alpujarra region. Here you will find a village of healing springs, a village of witches, picturesque villages with ditches along the streets, the highest village in Spain, where jamon is dried in the mountain air and, of course, mountain landscapes.

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