Experiences in Jamaica: Blue Hole

Experiences in Jamaica: Blue Hole

Jamaica, Ocho Rios
The Blue Hole is one of Jamaica's breathtaking water attractions, beloved by both locals and visitors to the island.

The Blue Hole is one of Jamaica's breathtaking water attractions, beloved by both locals and visitors to the island. This is a popular site that has not been privatized, meaning that access is free and you will only pay for your guide, which you will find only costs a few dollars. It's close enough to Ocho Rios and impressive enough to make this a priority trip when visiting Jamaica.

Insider Tips

Having been to the Blue Hole several times myself, I have some very important tips for those visiting Jamaica or the place for the first time. Tip number one: go early because it usually rains in the later hours of the day.

The Blue Hole is aptly named because of the incredibly bright and beautiful turquoise water of the White River, located high in the St. Mary's Hills. The river offers several sizes of natural pools, as well as several caves to explore and several waterfalls to climb, rope swing and jump.

However, being in the hilly terrain of this tropical island, it can rain heavily early in the day, depending on the time of year. When it rains, the pond is more of a brown hole than a blue hole as the rain washes away the mud from the grassy bank, so to ensure you experience this spectacular attraction in all its glory, head to the hills as early as possible.

Tip number two, take cash with you. This involves paying your guide and perhaps purchasing a cup of hot pumpkin soup or a cool, refreshing coconut after your swim. Your guide will provide you with life jackets, but you are welcome to bring your own. There are lockers to store your valuables while you jump into the Blue Hole, and special shoes are sold at some vendors in case you forget yours.

How to get there

Getting to the Blue Hole is quite easy. Add the route to your favorite navigation guide and it will get you there in no time. Just don't confuse it with the Blue Hole mineral spring, which is located in Negril. If you're not sure if you're on the way to the right attraction, just stick your head out and ask any friendly person in the community for directions, as they're well used to locals and visitors shouting, "Hey, how do you get to the Blue Hole?" They'll tell you to look out for the JPS power plant about 20 minutes up the hill. The road is a little bumpy and a little twisty, and ends in a field decorated with a backdrop of large flags. This feature is also the highlight of the main Blue Hole Falls and is an ideal spot for photography.

Blue Hole Tours

As soon as you park, the guides will begin to approach you along the path leading down to the river. Ask them about the full tour and they will take you to the top for a mud bath. You will then be guided along the river while your guide shows you the safest places to climb, jump and swim.

The tour ends at a large swimming pool with a swinging rope for entertainment. Experienced divers will bypass the rope and dive from tree branches high above while you watch in amazement.

After all the excitement, you can head back to the main falls to relax for the rest of the day in the most intense blue water you've ever seen. Along the lush river trail, you'll see all the colorful flowers and plants you missed on your way down. End your day with a stop at St. Ann to enjoy jerk chicken or fresh seafood on the beach.

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