Michelin stars shine over Norway

Michelin stars shine over Norway

On February 17, in Trondheim, Norway, Michelin announced its list of the best restaurants in Scandinavia. Even more stars shone on the Norwegian gastronomic horizon.

On February 17, in Trondheim, Norway, Michelin announced a list of the best restaurants Scandinavia. The ceremony was held in Norway for the first time. Last year, two Trondheim restaurants, Credo and Fagn, received their first stars, and experts drew attention to the excellent products of local suppliers and the focus of Norwegian restaurateurs on sustainable business development.

The stars on the Norwegian gastronomic firmament have arrived: Michelin awarded one star to four more establishments. All of them are located in different parts of the country, which once again proves that Norwegian cuisine is experiencing a real boom. The Japanese restaurant Omakase by Vladimir Pak is located in the center of the Norwegian capital, in the Vika district. The elegant Speilsalen welcomes guests to the newly renovated Hotel Britannia in Trondheim. Another starred restaurant, Bare, is located in Bergen. And finally, the amazing underwater restaurant Under, designed by the architectural bureau Snøhetta and instantly gaining recognition all over the world, is located at Cape Lindesnes in the very south of Norway.

The famous RE-NAA restaurant in Stavanger added another star. Last year, the establishment moved to new premises, which not only did not hinder its success, but may have played a role in the fact that this restaurant now has two stars.

The only Norwegian restaurant awarded three stars, MAAEMO, was not included in the list this year. The establishment was temporarily closed due to an upcoming move, and Michelin experts simply could not get there. In just a couple of weeks, MAAEMO will open its doors again - in a new location, in the modern Oslo district of Bjørvika, next to the new building of the Munch Museum. There is no doubt that there will be no end to visitors there, as before. Restaurant chef Esben Holmbø Bang will open another, simpler restaurant, which will be called The Vandelay.

This year, restaurants that adhere to sustainable development principles were especially recognized. President of the Michelin publishing group Gwendal Poulennec, speaking at the ceremony, said that “sustainable development is occupying the minds of people more and more, and this is especially true in the Scandinavian countries - here sustainability has become one of the main principles of life. Local chefs set an example for everyone by paying special attention to local products, introducing zero-waste production, reducing the amount of packaging and the amount of food waste. And the whole world will follow this example.” The capital's restaurants Rest, FYR Bistronomi & Bar, Einer and Credo in Trondheim received special recognition.

Norwegian Michelin-starred restaurants:

RE-NAA**, Stavanger

Bare*, Bergen

Credo*, Trondheim

Fagn*, Trondheim

Galt*, Oslo

Kontrast*, Oslo

Omakase* by Vladimir Pak, Oslo

Sabi Omakase*, Stavanger

Speilsalen*, Trondheim

Statholdergaarden*, Oslo

Under*, Lindesnes

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