The most colorful Christmas markets in Norway

The most colorful Christmas markets in Norway

With the Christmas holidays in full swing, Norway's tourism board, Visit Norway, has selected this year's brightest Christmas markets so travelers can plan ahead to visit next year.

The fair in Trondheim in 2016 was included in the list of the best Christmas markets in Europe according to the British newspaper Daily Telegraph. A huge cozy lavvu (traditional Sami dwelling) for 500 guests, two stages on which 130 music and theater shows were held, an entertaining children's playground, a vast area of ​​farm products, more than a hundred shops - the choice of entertainment, goods and Christmas souvenirs is impressive!

The capital's main fair is located on Karl Johan Street, in the very center of Oslo. People come here for delicacies, unique souvenirs made by local artisans, and views of decorated Oslo from the Ferris wheel. The famous Spikersuppa skating rink is also located here, admission to which is always free.

Design hunters head to the Norwegian Center for Architecture and Design (DOGA) Christmas Market, where artists from Norway and abroad sell unique items and souvenirs across three floors.

A real Christmas atmosphere, imbued with the spirit of history and tradition, reigns at the open-air museum Maihaugen in Lillehammer. Master classes, puppet shows, traditional games against the backdrop of historical buildings characteristic of different eras - from the Middle Ages to the 50s of the last century - set the mood for the right wave. To see how our grandmothers celebrated Christmas, you can look into one of the old houses, lovingly decorated in the “like before” style.

No wonder Rörus inspired the Disney producers of the animated film Frozen. The city seemed to have stepped out of an old colorized photograph. Its streets and houses look as if they were specially created for filming. Probably the local fair is the “most Christmassy” in the country.

One of the most interesting is the fair on the Lofoten Islands, in Northern Norway, in a place called Henningsvær. At this time, the sun no longer appears here, and the sky turns hundreds of shades of blue. It is not customary for local residents to be sad about the lack of sun. On the contrary, there is a festive atmosphere here, all the houses are decorated with sparkling garlands, and the sky is illuminated by the northern lights.

About 200 Christmas markets are held in Norway every year. Some of them are very large (as, for example, in Oslo or Trondheim), others are very intimate, but very atmospheric (like the fair in Drøbak). These are probably the best places to feel the festive atmosphere, recharge yourself with positivity and take home an unusual souvenir.

Source: Лучшие рождественские ярмарки Норвегии

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