An exciting journey through Ayutthaya - the heritage center of Thailand

An exciting journey through Ayutthaya - the heritage center of Thailand

Thailand, Ayutthaya
In the heart of Thailand, among green plains and slow-flowing rivers, lies Ayutthaya, an ancient city from chronicled times.

Founded in 1350, this city became the capital of the Siamese kingdom and survived many eras before natural disasters and human conflicts reduced it to ruins.

Today Ayutthaya is an open-air archaeological park a sky where every stone and every wall tells the story of complex, sometimes dramatic events of the past. Just think, more than 400 years ago, local residents watched the sun rise over the spiers of majestic temples and heard the echoes of Buddhist prayers merging with the noise of shopping areas.

Come to Ayutthaya at dawn, when the soft morning light illuminates the ancient stone ruins, and feel time stand still. Here, among the huge Buddha statues that have greeted the first rays of the sun for centuries, every step along the dusty paths sparks imagination and immerses you in adventure.

Start your exploration with a visit to Wat Yai Chaimongkhon, where the main attraction is a unique statue of a reclining Buddha. Its dimensions are amazing: its length is more than 40 meters. Nearby you can see many stupas with skillfully made reliefs telling about the life of Buddha.

No less fascinating is a boat ride on the Chao Phraya River. From the water you get a completely different perspective of the ruined temples and stupas slowly passing by. During this walk, you will see the Wat Phra Ram temple - its graceful ruins look especially mystical from the water surface.

The history of Ayutthaya is permeated with legends and traditions that add depth to the picturesque ruins. One such story is about Wat Mahathat, where the famous Buddha's head can be found entwined with tree roots. According to legend, during the invasion of the Burmese, the Buddha statues were destroyed, but the head of one of them fell next to a tree, which over time gently wrapped its roots around it, creating a symbol of stability and eternity.

If you're ready to delve deeper into history, head to the ruins of Wang Luang Palace, Ayutthaya's first royal palace. Here, in the shade of mighty trees, you will feel the breath of history, allowing you to touch the life and traditions of the ancient Siamese.

For the adventurous, Ayutthaya offers the opportunity to explore ancient ruins by bicycle. This is a popular way to move around the city, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the area at your own pace. Drive along narrow paths, explore forgotten temples hidden from the main tourist paths, and feel how every turn of the pedal brings you closer to the secrets of the past.

Ayutthaya is also known for its traditional festivals, such as the boat festival in honor of the Buddhist holiday of Loy Krathong. At this time of year, the Chao Phraya River comes alive as hundreds of decorated boats with paper lanterns glide smoothly along the water surface, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. This holiday is a great opportunity to see how the city's residents honor their traditions by setting out small boats with lamps and offerings to bring good luck and forgiveness.

Each visit to Ayutthaya enriches the soul and expands horizons. Exposure to such a deep and multifaceted culture not only educates, but also inspires new discoveries and reflections. Here in Ayutthaya, the past is not just preserved in stone and statues; it lives in every smile of the locals, in every ritual, in every smell of street food. Ayutthaya is not just a place to visit - it is an experience that stays with you for life.

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