First solo trip: 8 ideal destinations for women

First solo trip: 8 ideal destinations for women

Australia, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, USA, Canada, Iceland, Vienna, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Reykjavik, Kyoto, Montreal, Melbourne CBD, Portland (Oregon)
Here are eight places that are safe, friendly to solo travelers and have a wide variety of activities.

Traveling alone can be one of the most exhilarating and enriching experiences of your life. It's an opportunity to explore new cultures, meet interesting people, and most importantly, get to know yourself like never before. If you're a woman planning your first solo trip, choosing the right destination can make all the difference in your experience.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and the gateway to the world of unique Icelandic nature, which never ceases to amaze travelers from all over the world. The city combines the cozy atmosphere of a small town with the cultural richness of a metropolis, making it the perfect place to start your first solo trip.

Safety and Accessibility

Iceland regularly ranks one of the first places in the world in terms of safety. High standards of safety and public order allow travelers to feel relaxed and comfortable while exploring the city and surrounding area.

Cultural events and museums

Reykjavik is rich in cultural events. Here you can visit the National Museum of Iceland, which presents the history of the country from the Vikings to the present day, or the Reykjavik Art Museum, which displays works by Icelandic artists. Don't miss the opportunity to visit Kharpa, the famous concert hall and conference center, whose architecture is inspiring both inside and out.

Natural attractions

One of the main Reykjavik's advantages are its proximity to some of Iceland's most spectacular natural attractions. You can go on excursions to the famous geysers, Gullfoss waterfall or the Golden Circle, where Thingvellir National Park is located. In winter, don't miss the chance to see the northern lights, and in summer, enjoy the beauty of the midnight sun.

Thermal Spas

Don't forget to visit geothermal spas such as the famous Blue Lagoon, located just 40 minutes from Reykjavik. Its mineral waters not only help you relax after a busy day, but also have a positive effect on skin health.

Friendly to travelers

Residents Reykjavik is known for its hospitality and friendliness towards foreigners. Most Icelanders speak fluent English, which makes communicating and navigating the city much easier.

Reykjavik is a place where every traveler can feel inspired and safe while exploring the unique beauty and traditions of this incredible countries.

2. Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is a city where modernity intertwines with ancient tradition. As the former capital of Japan for over a thousand years, Kyoto holds a rich heritage of temples, gardens and palaces. It is an ideal destination for women traveling alone due to its safe environment, friendly people and deep-rooted cultural values.

Safety and Cultural Richness

Japan is famous for one thing one of the lowest crime rates in the world, making Kyoto an excellent choice for solo female travelers. The city offers amazing opportunities to immerse yourself in the history and culture of Japan.

Temples and Gardens

Kyoto is home to thousands of Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. The most famous are the Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji), the Silver Pavilion (Ginkaku-ji) and the Fushimi Inari Shrine with its famous red torii. In addition, the city is famous for its traditional Japanese gardens, such as Ryoan-ji Garden, which are beautiful at any time of the year.

Tea ceremony and kimono

Visitors can take part in a tea ceremony, which is an important part of Japanese culture. Many places in Kyoto offer not only watching the ceremony, but also actively participating in it. Tourists can also rent a kimono and stroll in traditional clothing through the city's historical districts, such as Gion, where geishas are likely to be spotted.

Food and shopping

Kyoto's culinary traditions also deserve special attention. You can try local dishes such as kuise, a vegetarian dish traditionally served in Buddhist temples, or yudofu, tofu cooked over a special fire, at one of the many restaurants. Shopping in Kyoto also offers a variety of unique items, from traditional crafts to modern Japanese fashion.


Kyoto is famous for its festivals, which take place all year round. Particularly famous festivals are Gion Matsuri in July and Aoi Matsuri in May. These events provide a deeper understanding of Japan's culture and traditions.

Kyoto is a city that offers rich experiences for all the senses and provides a safe and fun environment for solo travelers looking to explore the magic of Japan.

3. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is often called the cultural capital of Australia, and is a place where every street and alley breathes art, music and gastronomy. The city attracts solo travelers with its dynamic atmosphere, safety and many opportunities for exploration and entertainment.

Safety and Transport

Melbourne is one of the safest cities in the world, with an efficient and convenient public transport system, including trams, trains and buses, making getting around the city easy and accessible.

Cultural events and the arts

Melbourne is renowned for its cultural festivals such as the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Melbourne Arts Festival. Galleries and museums such as the National Gallery of Victoria and the Melbourne Museum offer rich collections and exhibitions. Street art is an integral part of city culture, especially in areas like Hosier Lane.

Coffee culture and restaurants

Melbourne is also known for its coffee culture. The city is teeming with unique coffee shops, each striving to offer something special. Besides coffee, the city's food scene offers excellent restaurants and street food from around the world, making it a food lover's paradise.

Nature and outdoor activities

Despite To its urban nature, Melbourne offers many green spaces and parks, such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, where you can enjoy the tranquility of nature. Cycling paths and outdoor sports opportunities are available for active travelers.

Activities and Entertainment

The city offers a variety of bars and clubs that suit everyone, from jazz lovers to fans of modern electronic music. It also frequently hosts sporting events, including the Australian Open, which attracts spectators from all over the world.

Melbourne is an ideal destination for your first solo trip due to its cultural richness, friendly atmosphere and safety, which allows you to every traveler feels confident and comfortable while exploring everything this amazing city has to offer.

4. Vienna, Austria

Vienna, with its rich history and stunning architecture, is one of the safest and most culturally rich cities in Europe. This city is perfect for solo travelers who want to plunge into the world of music, art and excellent cuisine.

Safety and comfort

Vienna regularly ranks high in the rankings of the most safest cities in the world, making it an ideal choice for first-time solo travelers. An excellent public transport system makes it easy and safe to move around the city.

Cultural heritage

Vienna is famous for its historical monuments and museums. Schönbrunn, the former summer residence of the Habsburgs, offers travelers an insight into the history of the empire. The Albertina and the Kunsthistorisches Museum have magnificent collections that will amaze the imagination. Music lovers can visit the State Opera and the houses where Mozart and Beethoven lived.

Cafes and coffee

The Vienna Coffee House is an institute recognized by UNESCO. A visit to one of the traditional cafés such as Café Central or Café Sacher, where you can enjoy the famous Viennese chocolate cake, is sure to leave an unforgettable experience.

Green spaces

Beautiful parks and gardens such as the Belvedere Garden offer excellent opportunities for relaxation and outdoor walks. The Danube Island offers many routes for cyclists and pedestrians where you can enjoy nature and tranquility.

Markets and shopping

Enjoying local culture continues at markets such as the Naschmarkt, where you can buy fresh produce, local specialties and handicrafts. Vienna also offers excellent shopping opportunities, from haute couture to vintage clothing boutiques.

Vienna is a city that delights with its beauty and sophistication. It offers a rich selection of cultural attractions and exceptional hospitality, making it one of the top choices for women seeking a safe and enriching solo trip.

5. Montreal, Canada

Montreal is a city where traditional European charm blends with modern Canadian culture to create a friendly, atmospheric space. The city is an ideal destination for solo travelers thanks to its safety, multilingualism and many cultural events.

Multilingual and multicultural environment

Montreal, one of Canada's largest cities , is proud of its Francophone heritage and English-speaking population, which make it easily accessible to tourists from different parts of the world. This bilingual atmosphere encourages easy communication and helps you immerse yourself deeper into the local culture.

Arts and Museums

The city is replete with museums and art galleries, including the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and A modern art museum that offers world-class exhibitions. It is also home to many music and theater festivals, such as the world-famous Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Culinary Delights

Montreal is famous for its unique culinary scene, where you can try everything from traditional Canadian dishes like fries with cheese and gravy to sophisticated haute cuisine. Culinary tours and numerous food courts make this city a true foodie paradise.

Nature and outdoor activities

Despite its urban nature, Montreal offers many green spaces and parks such as Parc Mont-Royal, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city. In winter the city offers excellent opportunities for skating and skiing, and in summer for cycling and picnics.

Festivals and events

Montreal is the city that never sleeps, thanks to its rich calendar of cultural events and festivals. During the summer, it hosts many street festivals, including the Street Theater Arts Festival and the Fireworks Festival.

Montreal attracts solo travelers with its hospitality, rich cultural program and safe urban environment, making it one of the top choices for those who wants to explore independent travel in a friendly and stimulating atmosphere.

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a city of canals, bicycles and a rich cultural life. This is a great place for a solo trip due to its safety, open atmosphere and friendly people. Amsterdam is especially suitable for those who appreciate art, history and cozy cityscapes.

Transportation and accessibility

Amsterdam is known for its cycling culture. Almost all local residents ride bicycles, making the city ideal for those who prefer an active form of transport. Plus, the extensive network of canals offers beautiful and relaxing boat trips.

Arts and Museums

Amsterdam is rich in world-class museums. The Rijksmuseum houses works by Rembrandt and Vermeer, while the Van Gogh Museum offers the most extensive collection of works by this artist in the world. Also not to be missed is the Stedelijk Contemporary Art Museum and the Anne Frank House, which is an important historical site.

Cafes and nightlife

Amsterdam is also famous for its cozy cafes and lively nightlife. The city offers many cafes, bars and clubs where you can enjoy local beer or cocktails, and try traditional Dutch snacks such as bitterballen.

Parks and open spaces

Westerpark, Vondelpark and Amstel Park are just some of Amsterdam's green oases where you can relax or have a picnic. These parks often host festivals, concerts and other public events.

Markets and shopping

Amsterdam is famous for its street markets, such as the Bloemenmarkt flower market and the Albert Cuyp market, where you can buy fresh produce, flowers, antiques and much more. These markets offer a unique way to immerse yourself in local culture and purchase original souvenirs.

Amsterdam offers a unique combination of historical significance and modern comfort, making it an ideal destination for solo travelers seeking cultural enrichment in a safe and welcoming environment.

7. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, often called the "Venice of the North", is a beautiful archipelago consisting of more than 14 islands connected by bridges. The city is famous for its stunning water views, modern design and high level of safety, making it an ideal choice for solo travelers.

Safety and Cleanliness

Stockholm is known for its cleanliness and safety. The crime rate here is low, and the city infrastructure is organized in such a way as to provide convenience and comfort for both local residents and tourists.

Cultural heritage and museums

The city is proud of its outstanding museums, including the Vasa Museum, where you can see an almost completely preserved 17th-century ship, and Skansen, the world's first outdoor museum that showcases Swedish history. The Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Photography are a must-see for lovers of contemporary culture.

Nature and open spaces

Stockholm is surrounded by water and greenery, offering ideal conditions for water activities walks or picnics in one of the many city parks, such as Djurgården Park. An eco-friendly and sustainable approach to urbanization is visible in everything from public transport to local recycling initiatives.

Shopping and design

Stockholm is also a lover's paradise design, offering a wide selection of contemporary Swedish fashion and interior design stores. The area of ​​Södermalm is known for its boutiques, vintage shops and galleries, offering unique products that are difficult to find anywhere else.

Cooking and Restaurants

Stockholm is also famous for its culinary scene, which combines traditional Swedish dishes with modern gastronomic trends. The city's restaurants offer a wide range of dishes, from classic meat dishes to fresh seafood.

Stockholm provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Scandinavian culture and enjoy the beauty and comfort of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With its friendly atmosphere and abundance of cultural attractions, Stockholm is an excellent choice for solo travelers looking for both adventure and safety.

8. Portland, USA

Portland, Oregon is known for its innovation, creative spirit and sustainable approach to living. This city attracts travelers seeking cultural diversity, unique gastronomic experiences and access to magnificent nature. Portland is ideal for solo travelers due to its open and welcoming atmosphere.

Environmentality and transportation

Portland is one of the greenest cities in the United States, with an extensive network of cycle paths and an excellent public transport system, including buses and metro. This makes the city easy to explore without a car.

Culture and Arts

The city is rich in cultural events, including numerous music festivals, art exhibitions and theater productions. Portland is also famous for its book culture, and the famous Powell's Books is one of the largest bookstores in the world.

Gastronomy and Coffee

Portland is known for its culinary innovation and great number of coffee shops. The city offers an extensive selection of nutritious and organic dishes, as well as local beer and wine. Food trucks located throughout the city offer a variety of cuisines from around the world.

Nature and Outdoors

Portland's proximity to mountains, forests and the ocean makes it a great place for nature lovers. Hiking, camping and water sports are just a short drive away.

Music and Nightlife

Portland has an active music scene with many live performances in bars and outdoor venues. The city's nightlife offers everything from laid-back pubs to energetic clubs.

Portland is a city that encourages individuality and creativity. This is a place where every solo traveler will find something for herself, be it art, music, food or outdoor adventure. With its friendly atmosphere and wide variety of activities, Portland is the ideal destination for those seeking both solitude and inspiration.

Each of these eight destinations offers features that make them ideal for women embarking on their first solo trip. Whether it's the stunning landscapes of Reykjavik, the cultural richness of Kyoto, the picturesque streets of Melbourne, the historical grandeur of Vienna, multilingual Montreal, the bike paths of Amsterdam, the Scandinavian elegance of Stockholm or the eco-friendly Portland, each city has its own character and friendliness.

Choosing a destination for your first solo trip is not only a matter of personal preference, but also an opportunity to expand your horizons, experience new emotions and get to know yourself better. Solo travel allows you to fully immerse yourself in a new environment, meet interesting people and collect unforgettable experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.

So pack your bags, choose a destination and go on a trip, which promises to be one of the most exciting and inspiring adventures of your life. Your first solo journey awaits you, and it is sure to be the beginning of many more adventures to come!

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