8 Amazing and Underrated Budget Travel Destinations

8 Amazing and Underrated Budget Travel Destinations

Bulgaria, Vietnam, Indonesia, Portugal, Nicaragua, Romania, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
In this article, we look at eight amazing and underrated destinations that offer unforgettable experiences without breaking the bank.

Traveling the world doesn't have to mean spending a fortune. There are many destinations that offer beauty, cultural diversity and history while still being accessible to budget travelers.

1. Georgia

Georgia is an amazing place on the map of Europe, combining a rich historical heritage and picturesque landscapes. This country attracts travelers with its unique culture, traditional cuisine and amazing wines.


The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, amazes with its contrast antiquity and modernity. The city is located in the valley of the Kura River and is surrounded by mountains. The old town of Tbilisi is a labyrinth of narrow streets, ancient wooden balconies and domed sulfur baths. One of the symbols of the city is the sulfur baths - a place where you can not only relax, but also get acquainted with local traditions.


Kakheti is the wine-making mecca of Georgia , located east of Tbilisi. The region is known for its endless vineyards, historic monasteries and picturesque villages. Here you can visit numerous wine cellars where tastings are held. Traveling through Kakheti provides a unique opportunity to taste local wines such as Saperavi or Rkatsiteli, which are produced using the qvevri method - an ancient winemaking technology included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage.

Nature and outdoor activities

Georgia is also attractive for lovers of active recreation. The country has many trails for hiking and mountain trekking - from moderate walks in the Alazani Valley to serious climbs in the High Caucasus.


Georgian cuisine is a separate chapter of local culture. Traditional dishes such as khachapuri, khinkali, and churchkhela will amaze any gourmet. By visiting local markets or cafes, you can also try fresh fruits, cheeses and local sweets.

A trip around Georgia promises to be unforgettable: from historical monuments to picturesque landscapes to unique gastronomic experiences and the hospitality of the locals. Georgia is a destination that surprises and fascinates, making every adventure truly special.

2. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country located in southeastern Europe that attracts travelers with its diverse natural landscapes and rich history. This destination is ideal for those looking for cultural enrichment and a seaside holiday without wanting to spend a lot of money.


The capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, combines historical heritage and modern dynamics. The city is rich in architectural monuments reflecting its centuries-old history. Among the main attractions are the Alexander Church, the ruins of Roman buildings and the Boyana Church, famous for its unique frescoes. Sofia also offers many parks and urban recreational spaces, as well as a vibrant nightlife and affordable restaurants.

Black Sea

Bulgaria's Black Sea coast is a paradise for tourists who prefer a budget holiday at sea. Resorts such as Golden Sands and Sunny Beach offer a wide range of accommodation from budget hostels to comfortable hotels. The beaches here stretch for kilometers, and the sea water is clean and clear. Along the coast there are many cafes and restaurants where you can try local dishes at very attractive prices.

Natural and cultural attractions

Bulgaria is also famous for its natural parks and mountain tracks. Pirin National Park offers excellent trails for hiking and nature watching. Don't forget the ancient cities such as Nessebar and Sozopol, where you can see well-preserved ruins and archaeological finds that tell the rich history of the region.


Bulgarian cuisine is another important aspect of traveling in this country. Bulgarian salads, yoghurts, and traditional dishes such as banitsa and kebapcheta are sure to delight lovers of tasty and healthy food.

Bulgaria offers an amazing combination of cultural diversity, historical sites and beautiful natural landscapes, making it an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable, yet eventful and interesting trip.

3. Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that attracts travelers with its amazing combination of turbulent history, stunning scenery and vibrant culture. This destination is ideal for tourists seeking adventure and gastronomic discoveries at a relatively low cost.


Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is known for its bustling markets and ancient architecture and a lively atmosphere. The city is a unique combination of French colonial architecture, ancient temples and modern areas. Travelers should visit Hoan Kiem Lake, the old quarter and the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Hanoi's markets offer a wide selection of Vietnamese street food, where you can try pho, bun cha and other traditional dishes.

Hoi An

Hoi An, located on the coast of South China sea, famous for its historical streets, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The town was a major trading port in the 15th to 19th centuries and still retains the charm of that era with its traditional wooden houses and narrow streets. In Hoi An, you can order bespoke tailoring, sample local delicacies at the night market or go on a river excursion.

Natural beauty and outdoor activities

Vietnam also has plenty breathtaking natural attractions. Outside the cities, there are amazing national parks such as Phong Nya Ke Bang Park, where you can explore caves and go river kayaking. In addition, the country offers excellent opportunities for trekking, cycling and bird watching.

Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnam's culinary scene is something special A chapter worth reading. Coffee, pho soup, fresh spring rolls and seafood are just some of the flavors travelers can explore in Vietnam. Each region of the country has its own authentic dishes that reflect local traditions and products.

Vietnam is a country of contrasts, where every traveler will find something for himself. From historic cities with a rich past to breathtaking natural landscapes, from delicious street food to the warm welcome of locals, Vietnam offers a rich and accessible experience that will stay with you for years to come.

4. Portugal

Portugal is a country rich in history, amazing culture and stunning scenery, and remains one of the most affordable destinations in Western Europe. With its temperate climate, friendly people and delicious cuisine, Portugal offers the ideal setting for travelers looking to explore unique cities and enjoy local life without breaking the bank.


Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is known for its picturesque neighborhoods, historic trams and melodic fado. The city is located on seven hills, each offering unique views and atmosphere. Notable landmarks include Belém Tower, Jerónimos Monastery and postcard views of the 25 April Bridge. Lisbon is also known for its cozy cafes, traditional bakeries and vibrant nightlife.


Farther north along the coast is Porto, a city famous for its port wine and impressive riverine architecture. Porto is often described as more authentic and somewhat calmer than its southern counterpart. In Porto, you can explore ancient wine cellars, walk across the Casa Luis I bridge and enjoy views of the Douro River. The Ribeira area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers picturesque streets and traditional restaurants.

Natural beauty and culture

Portugal also attracts lovers of nature and cultural celebrations. Traveling around the country, you will discover the wonderful beaches of the Algarve, the majestic Serra da Estrela mountains and the secluded villages of the Alentejo region. Cultural festivals such as Carnival in Madeira or the Fado Festival in Lisbon offer unique interactions with local traditions and customs.


Portuguese cuisine is a symbiosis of seafood, fresh produce and regional delicacies. Seafood dishes such as bacalhau (dried cod) and cataplana (seafood stew), as well as a variety of cheeses and wines, make Portuguese cuisine uniquely tasty and varied.

Portugal remains ideal a choice for those seeking cultural diversity and historical heritage without the high costs. From beautiful landscapes and historic cities to warm welcomes and affordable prices, Portugal promises travelers a rich and fulfilling experience.

5. Nicaragua

Nicaragua, often referred to as the “land of lakes and volcanoes,” is an ideal destination for travelers looking to explore extraordinary natural landscapes and immerse themselves in the rich culture of Central America. The country offers low prices for accommodation and food, making it an attractive option for budget travelers.


Granada is one of the most charming and historic cities in Nicaragua. Situated on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, the city is known for its well-preserved colonial buildings, vibrant streets and friendly atmosphere. Tourists can enjoy strolling along the narrow cobblestone streets, visiting the ancient cathedral and visiting numerous galleries and museums. Granada is also an excellent starting point for boat excursions to the nearby Isletas Islands, where you can see rich flora and fauna.

Lake Nicaragua

Lake Nicaragua is one one of the largest freshwater lakes in Central America, known for its spectacular views and unique ecosystem. The lake is home to many species of tropical birds, monkeys and even freshwater sharks. Travelers can enjoy kayaking, fishing and swimming in the lake's clear waters, as well as hiking on volcanic islands such as Ometepe.

Nature parks and outdoor activities

Nicaragua is also famous for its volcanic landscapes and outdoor activities. The Mombacho Volcano, located near Granada, offers trekking trails that lead to viewpoints with spectacular views of the surrounding area. Travelers can also visit Masaya National Park, where it is possible to observe the active volcano and its lava lake.

Culture and gastronomy

Cultural Nicaragua's heritage is deeply rooted in Native American traditions and the Spanish colonial past. Gastronomic delights here include fresh seafood, corn tortillas and local rum. Festivals and cultural events, such as the Feast of San Sebastian in Diriamba, offer travelers the opportunity to experience local customs and art.

Nicaragua offers more than just budget options for travel, but also a rich experience of immersion in culture and nature. This destination is ideal for those seeking adventure away from the tourist trail while seeking deep cultural and natural interactions.

6. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina - a country with a rich history and unique cultural heritage, is one of the most accessible and at the same time fascinating destinations in Europe. Here travelers can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of ancient cities, enjoy natural beauty and explore numerous cultural attractions.


Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is known for its multicultural history. The city is a unique fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, which is evident in the architecture, cuisine and lifestyle of its inhabitants. Here you can visit many historical sites, such as the old Baščaršija bazaar, the Gazi Husrev Begovu Mosque and the museum of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which marked the beginning of the First World War. Sarajevo is also famous for its cafes and restaurants, where you can try Bosnian coffee and traditional dishes such as čevapčić and burek.


Mostar, located in the south of the country , is known for its famous Old Bridge, which is the symbol of the city and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city offers travelers the opportunity to see the influence of different cultures in its architecture and art. Walking through the ancient streets of Mostar, you can feel the unique atmosphere of a mixture of Eastern and Western cultures. It is also worth visiting the museums, galleries and cozy cafes located along the banks of the Neretva River.

Natural beauty and active recreation

Bosnia and Herzegovina is also known for its breathtaking landscapes, which attract nature and outdoor enthusiasts. The country offers excellent conditions for hiking and mountain trekking, rafting on the Una River and visiting national parks such as Suteska Park, one of the oldest nature reserves in Europe.

Cultural events and festivals

Bosnia and Herzegovina is also rich in cultural events and festivals that take place in different parts of the country. The Sarajevo Film Festival is one of the most significant cultural events, attracting filmmakers and film fans from all over the world.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country that has a rich cultural and natural experiences at surprisingly low costs. This destination is ideal for those seeking historical immersion, outdoor adventure and cultural enrichment without a major financial investment.

7. Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago of thousands of islands, each of which attracts with its distinctive culture, exotic nature and warm welcome. Of all the islands, Bali and Java are particularly attractive to travelers looking to explore both popular and lesser-known corners of the country.


Bali is one thing One of the most famous destinations in Indonesia, attracting travelers with its picturesque beaches, coral reefs and vibrant cultural life. The island is famous for its temples such as Uluwatu and Tanah Lot, which offer spectacular views, especially at sunset. Bali is also famous for its traditional dance performances such as kecak and the silver jewelry workshops in Ubud.


Java is an island rich in history and culture, home to the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, and ancient temples such as Borobudur and Prambanan. Java is also known for its active volcanoes such as Bromo and Merapi, which attract tourists to climb to their peaks to watch the sunrise. Java's cultural hub, Yogyakarta, offers a rich selection of art, music and theater performances, as well as opportunities to delve into the country's history.

Natural beauty and outdoor activities

Indonesia offers amazing opportunities for lovers of nature and outdoor activities. From snorkeling and diving in the clear waters of Komodo Island to trekking in national parks such as Rinjani Park in Lombok, travelers can enjoy not only the beauty of nature, but also encounters with unique flora and fauna.


Indonesian cuisine is a reflection of the cultural diversity of the archipelago. Each region has its own unique dishes, such as bakso (meat balls) and nasi goreng (fried rice), which can be enjoyed at any local cafe. Sweet dishes and drinks such as jenang gendul (rice flour dumplings with coconut milk) are popular on the island of Java.

Indonesia offers an exciting journey through the natural world wonders, ancient architecture and cultural festivals. When traveling to Bali and Java, you can not only explore popular tourist spots, but also discover hidden gems while staying on a budget.

8. Romania

Romania is a unique destination in Eastern Europe that offers a wealth of cultural heritage, extraordinary natural scenery and low costs of accommodation and food. Particularly attractive to travelers are the regions of Transylvania and the Danube Delta, each with its own unique atmosphere and opportunities to explore.


Transylvania is a region surrounded by Carpathian Mountains, known for its mystical history and connections with the legend of Dracula. Cities such as Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara are attractive with their medieval architecture, narrow cobblestone streets and well-preserved fortresses. Bran is home to the famous Bran Castle, often called Dracula's Castle, which attracts tourists from all over the world. Transylvania is also known for its beautiful landscapes, ideal for hiking and mountain trekking.

Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is one of the most amazing biological sanctuaries in Europe, listed as UNESCO World Heritage List. This unique wetland is home to many species of birds, fish and other animals. Visitors can explore the delta by kayak or boat, watching birds and enjoying the quiet beauty of the natural surroundings. The delta also offers opportunities for fishing and wildlife photography.

Cultural festivals and gastronomy

Romania is known for its cultural festivals, including including the festival of medieval music in Sighisoara and the jazz festival in Garana. The region's gastronomy offers a mixture of Eastern European and Balkan flavours, with dishes such as sarma (stuffed cabbage leaves) and mamaliga (corn porridge) available in local taverns.

Romania offers not only beautiful scenery and rich history, but also a unique cultural immersion accessible to the budget traveler. While exploring Transylvania and the Danube Delta, travelers discover distinctive traditions, unique nature and the warm hospitality of the local people, making every moment of their stay a real adventure.

These eight underrated travel destinations show that amazing adventures and deep cultural immersions are possible even on a budget. From the picturesque cities of Georgia and the wine regions of Bulgaria to the bustling streets of Vietnam and the mysterious landscapes of Transylvania, each of these places offers unique opportunities for exploration, recreation and cultural enrichment.

Travel to these corners of the world can only save money, but also be filled with new knowledge, impressions and memories that will exceed any material costs. Each destination has its own character, traditions and culinary specialties, making each adventure unique and unforgettable.

Remember that the world is full of wonders waiting to be explored, and it doesn't always take a lot of money to do so. budget. These eight underrated destinations are a great start for anyone looking to explore the world, expand their horizons, and do it on a budget. Pack your bags and embark on a trip that promises to be both affordable and exciting!

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