Two-day itinerary to explore Kotor

Two-day itinerary to explore Kotor

Montenegro, Kotor
This two-day itinerary will offer you the most vivid impressions of the city and its surroundings.

Kotor is the pearl of Montenegro, a city steeped in history and shrouded in stunning scenery. Situated on the shores of the bay of the same name, Kotor attracts travelers with its majestic walls, narrow cobbled streets and medieval spirit.

Day 1: Exploring the old town of Kotor

Morning walk through the old town

Start your day in Kotor with an early walk through its old town to avoid the crowds and fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. The old town of Kotor, surrounded by imposing defensive walls, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famous for its narrow cobbled streets, ancient buildings and cozy squares.

Main attractions:

  • Cathedral of Saint Tripun: One of the oldest and most significant religious monuments in the region, built in 1166. The cathedral is famous for its amazing silver altars and beautiful frescoes.
  • St. Luke's Church: Serving both Orthodox and Catholics, this bi-denominational church is an example of the city's religious tolerance.
  • Sea Gate: Main entrance to the old town, decorated with the coat of arms of Venice, reminiscent of the influence of the Venetian Republic.

Climbing the walls of Kotor

After walking through the streets of the city, we suggest you go to the walls of Kotor. This climb will allow you to enjoy panoramic views of the city and the bay. It is best to start climbing in the morning, when it is not yet so hot. The walls extend for 4.5 km and in some places reach a height of up to 20 meters.

Lunch at a local tavern

End your morning adventure with lunch at one of the old town's taverns. Traditional dishes worth trying:

  • Montenegrin prosciutto: cured meat usually served with cheese and olives.
  • Seafood gnocchi: a popular dish in coastal cities, reflecting the influence of Italian cuisine.

Visit to the Maritime Museum

After lunch, take time to visit the Kotor Maritime Museum, located in an old Baroque palace. The museum is dedicated to the maritime history of Kotor and Montenegro, including the periods under Venetian and Austro-Hungarian rule. Here you will find models of ancient ships, maritime artifacts and documents telling about trade and naval battles.

Evening walk and dinner

End the day with a walk through the old town illuminated by evening lights. Many outdoor cafes and restaurants offer live music and a wide selection of local and international dishes. Enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient city, the soft light of street lamps and picturesque views of Kotor at night.

This eventful day will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the history and culture of Kotor, feel its unique charm and hospitality.

Day 2: Discovering the beauty of the Bay of Kotor

The second day in Kotor is dedicated to exploring the Bay of Kotor, which is also known for its natural beauty and historical sites. The day will be busy, with boat trips, visits to small coastal towns and islands with a rich history.

Morning boat ride on the Bay of Kotor

Start your morning with a boat ride on the Bay of Kotor. This excursion will give you the opportunity to see the city from the water and enjoy views of the surrounding mountains and sea. Many companies offer organized tours with a guide who will explain the history and significance of the bay.


  • Panoramic views of the old town of Kotor: from the water you have the best view of the city and its walls.
  • Visit to the hidden coves of the bay: many of which accessible only from water.

Lunch in Perast

The next stop will be Perast, a small town with a rich history and magnificent architecture. Perast is known for its well-preserved baroque buildings and quiet streets.

What to try:

  • Local seafood: Perast is famous for its fish restaurants.
  • Seafood risotto: a classic dish often served in local restaurants.

Visit the islands of St. George and Our Lady of the Reef

After lunch, take a short boat excursion to two of the famous islands of the bay:

  • Island of St. George: home to an ancient monastery and ancient cemetery.
  • Island of Our Lady of the Reef: famous for its beautiful church and man-made origins.

Evening walk around Kotor

Returning to Kotor, end your day with a walk around the city in the evening. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and soft sunset light that beautifully illuminates the ancient buildings.

Evening entertainment:

  • Dinner in one of the cozy restaurants of the old town: taste local wines and dishes.
  • Walk along the promenade: an ideal place for an evening stroll overlooking the illuminated yachts and quiet water surface.

This day will give you the opportunity to see and appreciate the beauty of nature and architecture that make the Bay of Kotor such a desirable destination for travelers from all over the world.

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