Following the thread of the Silk Road

Following the thread of the Silk Road

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Welcome, traveler, to the mysterious Silk Road - an ancient carpet of cultures, smells and secrets that stretches from China to the Mediterranean.

Embroidered with the threads of time, this path is a mosaic kaleidoscope, where each country is like a bright pattern in the great ornament of history.

China: In the Footsteps of the Dragon

Let's begin our journey with an ancient empire, where the winds carry the aroma of tea, and the walls of Great China carry their guard through the centuries. The interweaving of modernity and tradition creates an amazing symphony. Along a rough road reminiscent of the patterns on a Chinese vase, you will reach the Xi'an Terracotta Army, where thousands of warriors stand silently, awaiting new centuries-old adventures.

Kyrgyzstan: Songs of the upper reaches of the Tien Shan

Next our path winds along the mountain ranges of Kyrgyzstan, where the blue sky caresses the peaks. Here, among the arena of rocks and horse pastures, you will feel the breath of freedom and the age-old wind that once accompanied caravans of the finest silk. Relive the culture of nomads by listening to songs that sound in time with the rustling echoes of the desert.

Uzbekistan: In the oasis of great cities

Let's plunge into the magic of Uzbek bazaars, where carpets of trade are laid out like magic carpets from the Arabian Nights. Walk along the streets of Samarkand, inhale the aromas of barbecue and spicy spices. Madrasahs and mosques greet you with their architectural embrace, telling you about the centuries passed along this path.

Iran: Song of Persian Roses

Transition to magical Iran, where Persian roses bloom amid lush gardens. Esfahan's silken paths lead you to the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, where the light sparkles in the sun like magical peacock feathers. Visit Persepolis, the ancient capital of the Persian Empire, where every stone detail is like a page from an ancient chronicle.

Türkiye: In the ancient footsteps of great empires

The road to Turkey leads you through the Bosphorus, as if through a looking glass of time, taking you to the era of the Byzantine emperors and Ottoman sultans. Istanbul, where the grand Sophia and the Golden Church will remind you of the grandeur and beauty of great empires, and the Golden Horn caresses the shores with a silken wave.

India: Dance of colors and scents

Let's continue our exciting adventure by turning our gaze to India, where precious silk saris and a bustling bazaar create a real fireworks display of impressions. In Delhi you will be greeted by the hustle and bustle, but also by the majestic Red Fort, like a stone beacon. In Agra, you will be enchanted by the Taj Mahal - the splendor of white marble, which is the embodiment of eternal love.

Pakistan: Harmony of Cultural Mosaics

Crossing the border into Pakistan, you are greeted by a country where cultural mosaics merge into a single masterpiece. In Karachi, feel the breath of a modern metropolis, and in Lahore, you will feel the atmosphere of ancient palaces and gardens, where architectural works speak their own unique language.

Afghanistan: Guardians of Ancient Secrets

Next our path leads us to a country where the ancient mountains of Afghanistan stand as guardians of age-old secrets. Kabul, the former center of the Silk Road, delights with its bazaars and ancient mosques. Here you will feel the breath of history and meet the hospitality of the Afghan people.

Tajikistan: In the footsteps of the poetry of mountain peaks

Tajikistan, a country where majestic mountain peaks are like verses of great poetry. A journey through the Pamir ranges will be a real test for spirit and body, but will also reveal amazing landscapes and cultural features of this hospitable country.

Turkmenistan: In the pool of time and desert secrets

Turkmenistan, where the Karakum and Kyzylkum deserts seem like an endless whirlpool of time. You will be amazed by the architectural wonders of Ashgabat shimmering under the sun, as well as the ancient city of Merv, a place where hundreds of years ago the rustle of silk fabrics was heard and the river of trade caravans flowed.

Caucasus: Silk threads between East and West

At the last stage, our journey along the Silk Road takes us to the Caucasus, where the cultures of East and West mix. Mountain peaks, grape groves and dancing winds The Caucasus creates an atmosphere of mysterious harmony, where silk threads exhaust their magnificent path.

Let the call of centuries and adventures ring! Let your Silk Road be filled with exceptional Memories - it’s time to get ready for the journey, Your adventure awaits!

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